hello! let’s get one thing out of the way…

you might notice i type lower-case. this began more out of necessity, when one of my kids ripped the “shift” key off my old laptop. before that, i was quite the stickler for proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. it was a long time before i could replace that computer, and well, though i now have two fully functional shift keys, i enjoy this. it feels comfortable and mellow down here. i invite you to join me.

it has nothing to do with laziness, nor with a secret admiration for e.e.cummings though i’m sure he was a nice guy. i’m just about efficiency i suppose. that, and i do enough activities which through the nature of their repetitive motion could suddenly debilitate me with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. knitting, crochet, diaper changing ad nauseum comes to mind. and wooo there’s been some nauseum with the latter-most activity.

but i digress.  i will reserve the stretching of my pinky towards that distant shift key only for such emergencies as “quotations” though i will try and get away with the ‘single quotation’ whenever possible. smiley face winkies are another such situation where i will risk the health of my hands for you when a :-) is absolutely necessary to effectively convey my message. and finally, i tend to speak in parentheses often (i really do. i’m trying to cut back. but it’s just so hard! [forgive me]).

i’ve shared this with you on my first post here. i hope it isn’t going to be an issue between us… if you find lower-case hard to read, please let me know, drop me a line or comment below. i hope you enjoy your visits here!

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22 Responses to hello! let’s get one thing out of the way…

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  3. ~*~Patty says:

    Ana ~ your writing style is great … fun reading your first post and I type in parens alot also! for some reason I am now typing lots in dots … like those much better than comas … teehee … back to your 50th post

  4. I use parentheses a TON. Really. I try, try, try to use them less but they are always sneaking in to my writing. I hope people don’t find it too annoying.

    I have a funny “s” key which is driving me a little batty so if there are any posts, comments or words missing an “s” anywhere within my typing, now you know my secret. I think an ant crawled into my keyboard and got caught in there. :( It is slowly getting better though!

    I like all lowercase far better than all uppercase. The people that use all CAPS make me feel like I’m getting yelled at the entire time I’m reading.

  5. i love being lowercase, although more oft than not, memories of english classes bite me in the grammatical ass and so i end up editing my work to ‘properly’ capitalize.
    using lowercase when typing is actually more freeing; allows for stream-of-consciousness creating. oh, and (parenthesis) are {awesome} and i tend to [use] them quite oft. :)

  6. Sarah says:

    Ha. This made me chuckle, Ana! I once went 2 years (including all of 2007) without a functioning 7 key on my laptop. That was fun. Lots of copying and pasting from an Excel document where the formula =6+1 was the only way I could generate a 7!

  7. asrai says:

    I find myself typing with one hand while I nurse my baby and end up skipping the caps. He’s sleeping on my chest right now so I have two hands and it’s habit.

    I also used to have my name typed with no uppercase letters, except Smashwords.com won’t let authors do that becuase it looks “unprofessional” which annoyed me to no end, but I didn’t want to spend the energy arugiing.

  8. i think this is a great idea, but since i earn my money as a typist i don’t think my employers would be too happy. gosh this was quite hard to type without throwing in a capital or an exclamation mark – nearly did it again there.

  9. Staci says:

    One of my kids ripped off the question mark/slash key from my old laptop. It was so annoying when I had to email someone or had a question to put in a comment box. I always had to type (question mark) at the end so it would make sense. :)

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  11. i was a strictly lowercase typist for a couple of years. then so many software programs forced their auto correcting ways upon me & it became more hassle to UN-correct the auto correct.
    i must confess… my weakness is for ellipses… i overuse the hell out of the little guys.

  12. Jamie says:

    I enjoyed this post & the comments made me giggle as well. I like parentheses, too, but I do capitalize things. ;)

  13. heather says:

    :) :) finally, a fellow lover of the lower-case :) :) i find that i have too many other things that require me to use the upper case. i like the look of lower case letters, unless i’m emphasizing something:) or being graded:) they feel so comfortable :)

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  15. Alan Tait says:

    arabic manages just fine without uppercase. unless it manages just fine without lowercase. anyway, i like dots….

  16. emily says:

    hi there, i just now found your beautiful blog while on a hunt for vintage pyrex. love your photographs and writing! i’m also a big fan of the lowercase, and thought your explanation of it’s merits were spot on :)

  17. love that you type in lower case. most of my cards are done in lower case, but I have no funny story, just a strong dislike for the look of upper case, especially in serif fonts ;)

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  21. wendy says:

    I was brought to your site while looking up oregano flowers, but then started looking around. I prefer typing in all lowercase. But I am now trying to conform … not sure how long that will last. Caps just seem redundant when punctuation does the work. /shrugs/

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