thrift store find

i’ve been known to meander my way into a thrift shop now and then. even though places like value village make me a little wheezy (and just what is that smell?); even though about 98% of the things there are someone else’s treasure, but certainly not mine.

but when my eyes fall on that little something, that thing that makes me do a double-take, pause, and ponder on where i will put it, if it’s worth sacrificing the space i have in my small home. i generally follow the rule of “something in, something out” when bringing something into the home, so what will have to leave to make room for this? or sometimes, i’ll see something, and start daydreaming about what it can become. that 2% is what keeps me going back. the thrill of the hunt. the possibility of what something could be, with a little creativity and tlc. and all for just pennies? well… if you have been bitten by the thrifting bug, you know what i’m talking about!

the other day, my eyes fell upon these…

a set of four little needlepoint creations, placed in frames which had seen better days…

the thing that attracted me to these was two fold: i really like needlework and fibre arts, and i LOVE the colours orange and yellow. these would be perfect in my bright orange kitchen, next to the pantry. the wheels started turning…

i brought them home, opened up the back of the frames and found this:

the cloth fabric was also stamped with MCMLXXX (1980).

the fabric was thickly folded and taped so they had to be refolded to fit these natural wood frames.

aren’t they adorable?

and here they are, right where i wanted to place them… next to the pantry. they brighten up my kitchen even more, if that was possible!

thank you, sue gaffney, wherever you are. you did a nice job. i think you must’ve thought so too, to place your name there. i’ll be enjoying these each time i pass them, which is often…

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14 Responses to thrift store find

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  2. Amanda says:

    Love these finds! they look adorable in your kitchen, I love the paint colour BTW!

  3. Chelsey says:

    How lovely! They look great with that colour on the wall. You’ll have to search for her on the internet and thank her officially! I’m sure she’d be thrilled to know the journey they’ve gone on and that they’re being so cherished by you…

  4. thursday says:

    I love this idea Ana! Wow. Putting them behind glass adds so much. I’ll have to keep this in mind for future thrifting adventures.

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  6. Angela says:

    Those are AWESOME! And I love your orange!!!!

  7. Lizzy says:

    Those are ADORABLE!! And I DO love your kitchen wall color!! Go ORANGE!!!

  8. SixBalloons says:

    Ana, they look so great on the orange painted wall and that white crisp door next to it!

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  10. Jackie k says:

    Thank you for visiting today :-) We must share the same sense of color/colour and dishes. I’ve been finding more and more Mikasa at the local thrifts with the lovely oranges!

    And browsing through some of your posts – what a lovely re-do of the crewel work pictures here. Freshened them up beautifully!

  11. Nel says:

    They look adorable! What a perfect find for your home :)

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