mother’s day is coming…a little challenge!

lately, i’ve been trying to make cards more often than i buy them. i just love how you can really personalize handmade cards and make them stand out from those you – and everyone else – can get at the store.

a card made by hand tells you something not just about the recipient, but also the person who made the card.  i’ll be honest though, there are times when an event just sneaks up on me, and given all else that is going on in any given day, i just don’t have time to make something. but i do try.

which is why i’m posting this now, a good few weeks before mother’s day.

remember the days when you would make cards for people? paper doilies cut in the shape of hearts for valentine’s day, twisted yellow tissue paper glued onto construction paper became forsythia, cotton balls on a brown crayon line became pussy willows.

do you remember how fun it was to create? and how fun it was to give something you made? when did we stop making cards all the time? probably when we started being able to afford to buy them. but the novelty of consumerism has worn off for me.

there’s just something about a handmade card…

this mother’s day, i’m going to make something.

here’s the fun part: i invite you to this challenge too!  make a handmade card for someone. it doesn’t have to be for mother’s day. it can be for anyone or any occasion. it just has to be made by you. use whatever media and supplies you’d like, then, share it here. drop me a line with a photo, and i’ll post your homemade cards.  creativity is fueled by inspiration so let’s start sharing those ideas.

here are a couple of sites with lovely photos to get things going…

i know some blogs give away prizes and such for submissions, but i’m not big time like that. besides, isn’t sharing your creativity the greatest prize? ;-)

so here’s what you do:
1. make a card.

2. send me a photo of your creation here.

that’s it!

and if i haven’t convinced you about the merits of making your own cards, let me finish with this excerpt from the best-selling book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, by the acclaimed author and speaker, Daniel Pink. this book was lying on the bedside table on top of a pile of business books my husband was reading. and i would never have picked it up or given it another glance if my husband hadn’t read the following passage to me:

Don’t Outsource Your Empathy:

Are you still buying greeting cards that broadcast someone else’s sentiments about life’s most important moments? Show others how much they really mean to you (and demonstrate your empathy) by creating your own cards for various occasions: birthdays, graduations, illnesses or deaths, anniversaries.  Kids know how to do this. And so do you. Just fire up your computer’s word processing program and get started.  Even better, do it by hand with some blank card and coloured pencils.

Anyone can grab a mass-produced card along with the week’s groceries. It takes a special person to spend the time really thinking about what message to send and how best to convey it….

~ excerpt from Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind. c. 2008, used with author’s permission.

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