whatcha makin'?

it’s the weekend. and it’s the first of may. happy may day!

i spent a good hour or so fiddling around with a new theme for my little corner here on the internet. i like the clean white look of this one. but bear with me while i work out the kinks. i’m sure it will be a work in progress…

speaking of which, what are you working on lately?

here’s a little sock i’m making. it’s the 2nd one of the pair, and i’ve been struck with 2nd-sock-itis. you know, where the first sock goes flying off the needles, and the second one takes you approximately 4 years to finish. perhaps if i post it here, i’ll get the motivation to finish this up tonight after the kiddies are in bed.

drop me a line, let me know what you’re working on these days. or what you wish you could be working on. also, let me know if you’ve decided to join me in my little challenge. c’mon, you know you want to! ;-)

have a good weekend! i’ve got a cool “you made it so” to share on monday. see you then!


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3 Responses to whatcha makin'?

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  2. Charli says:

    How do you find the things you put on your website? I’d love to see some things about disabled crafters as I’m a disabled artist/crafter. I looked but didn’t find any.
    Thanks for this great blog.

    • imadeitso says:

      hi charli, i write about things that are on my mind… it can be something i’m working on already, something i see on the internet, something inspired by what’s going on around me… you can learn more about me here. i’d be happy to chat some more about your idea, you can drop me a line anytime to share your perspective.

      i’m glad you’re enjoying your visits here. drop by and share anytime…

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