a few thoughts about spray painting…

i repaint items often. it’s a simple way to clean up something that has seen better days and give it new life. i just shared a couple of items in my bathroom renovation which i spray-painted. the two on the left were painted, the bottle/vase on the right is a pfaltzgraff original which i adore, mostly because i found it in like-new condition at the thrift store for 99 cents.

the little jug on the left holds lilacs from the garden…can you smell them? ahhh!… the jug started out as a crackled yellow thing with a kitschy-in-a-bad-way floral motif on the side, but i loved the curve of the handle and spout, and the 49 cent price tag. the candle bowl had lived its life as a seashell pink metallic twinkling sort of thing, and retired to sit on the shelf of a thrift store labeled with a 99 cent price tag, covered in a few month’s worth of dust. a quick coat of white paint on both of those items not only made them look new, but brightened up the blue walls with a crisp contrast.

or somethin like that, i’m no design expert. all i know is it looked nice to me, and that’s all that really matters in your own space…

i always spray paint outdoors. i lay out a large dropcloth or piece of cardboard. no matter how small the item is, i find that spray paint, especially the good stuff with a proper nozzle, travels and you’ll find specs of spray have wandered away. especially on windy days.

the other day, i found this chalkboard second-hand.  it was $4.99 (i had a $5 coupon for the thrift store where i had just made a donation of outgrown baby clothing). isn’t it lovely? ;-)

i placed a large cardboard box behind it to catch the spray paint, gathered my supplies and got to work…

i follow the instructions on the paint, most say spray a thin layer allowing 30 mins between coats to dry. almost all say to wait 24 hours to cure. really, do wait. i know it’s hard. but just let it sit somewhere untouched, and you’ll have a beautiful finish that you can really enjoy the next day and every day after that. rather than something with your thumbprint on it because you just couldn’t wait. ask me how i know!

back to the chalkboard…i think it looks cute in my daughter’s room, where she has already given a lesson on persuasive writing to her stuffed animals…

see what a difference a little bit of paint can make?

oh, and i always wear a mask. i have a respirator mask as well as this simple one seen here.

i was going to tell you that i am smiling under the mask. but i don’t know if that makes the photo seem more friendly, or only that much more horrific! :-)

i wonder what the neighbours think…

one more note: i make sure to return the empty spray cans to the local recycling depot for proper disposal. i am aware that aerosol cans are not environmentally friendly, and if i am going to repaint larger pieces, i use a brush and paint or a roller. this is the brush i use.

it has a replaceable head, which really makes sense. i also received another great tip when washing latex paint off paint brushes. rather than washing the paint down the drain as you clean your brush, place the brush in a container of water (an old yogurt tub works fine). and just leave it for a day or so. the paint will separate and sink to the bottom of the container. the water can go down the drain, and the paint can be discarded separately. this totally works.

ooh! and i haven’t forgotten i said i would share some handmade card ideas, i’ll try and post those soon.

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5 Responses to a few thoughts about spray painting…

  1. Jess says:

    I need you to come spray paint my deck furniture, okay? :)

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