you made it so: handmade cards

here are a few cards made by friends who shared their creations with me. thank you! i like to think that creativity is contagious (in a good way!), and i’m sure these will inspire others.

first are some cards made by jess. she keeps a great little blog about her life and her family. jess really has an eye for things, and takes wonderful photos. she keeps it all together here.

these are the cards jess made last year…

they were for friends in her blogosphere…

and she blogged about how she made them here.

aren’t they lovely? all those fluttery little hearts…

she personalized each with a nice sentiment and hand-written message inside…

the next one is from my friend laurel, who also tries to keep up with her young family. i think she does a great job, actually. when they’re not out and about on their adventures, they are often busy making great little projects at home.

these are the cards they made for the holidays a couple of years ago…

those are little thumbprints used to make little critters. how cute is that? i bet my kids would love getting their hands all inky, i’ve got to try this one!

i love the way the reindeer’s noses are touching. sweet detail! great job clara…

it doesn’t get more personalized than a fingerprint, each one is definitely unique!

isn’t handmade just the best? i’ll be sharing more soon…

thanks again jess and laurel for sharing!

here are a couple of cards i’m working on…

the thing that takes the most time, for me, is writing something inside to convey my thoughts sincerely without sounding sappy.

if you have something handmade to share with me, leave a comment or drop me a line here. i’d love to hear from you.

no, really. it’s lonely here amongst the gluesticks and cardstock ;-)

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2 Responses to you made it so: handmade cards

  1. Jess says:

    awww! Thank you Ana! :) You made me smile today!

    Laurel’s reindeer card was one of my favorite holiday cards this past year :)

    Your hand made cards are gorgeous!! You are so crafty :)

  2. imadeitso says:

    i meant every word :) and thanks, but you definitely get the stamina award for putting the wax string through all those hearts!

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