seedlings & ramblings: walk with me in my garden…

i have a little spot in my backyard where i grow herbs. it’s a tiny 2’x2′ patch roughly, and i grow chives, mint and oregano there.

it comes up every year on its own, amongst the tulips and grape hyacinth that are scattered between them.

i honestly believe the mix of flowers and herbs makes each other thrive, some sort of symbiotic relationship which goes beyond my knowledge, but not beyond my faith in nature knowing just what to do.

there are a few weeds in there as well, which i pull up as i see them, but it’s otherwise a very low maintenance space. and like i said, it yields so much. i use the herbs in my cooking through to autumn. and i still have dried herbs from last year in jars in my pantry. it’s so nice to crush a little bit of herb mid-winter between your palms, and let that lovely scent escape as you sprinkle it into a recipe.

this year, i started a few seedlings indoors with the help of the kids. it’s still too nippy outside to place them in the ground. we planted peas, parsley, and basil.

i’m so happy they’ve sprouted!

reeeeaching towards the sunlight through the window. they can’t wait to go outside, it seems. who can blame them? i feel much the same at this time of the year.

the next challenge is finding a good spot for them. there really is only one place in the yard that gets sufficient light, in the corner. i’ll probably start with a small 4’x4′ space roughly. we also have a lot of nightly visitors (raccoons) and daily snackers (squirrels and bunnies), as well as the odd curious toddler or two, so i’m thinking of putting chicken wire up around it.

we have a lot of mature trees and they are beautiful,

with incredible colours…

but they do cast a lot of shadows. this is my favourite tree, a tulip magnolia…

big beautiful blooms…

but don’t blink or sneeze…the petals drop easily.

some of the petals fall onto this little guy. he came all the way from wales.

we have other little visitors too. gardeners aren’t supposed to like snails, but how could you not let this little one go along its path?

this ivy-covered tree reminds me of something that may belong in the secret garden. i think it has a story to tell…

(do you spy my compost bin peeking behind the trunk? it’s black)…

there’s nothing like morning dew on the lilac bush

the hostas are also getting ready to unfurl…

a lone white trillium this year, we usually have more. they love the shade, and are the provincial flower for ontario.

let’s go to the front yard, where the tulips are tall and bursting open this time of year. i wish i had more to do with their brilliance, but really, they come up every year and never fail to brighten up the yard…

hard to keep little hands off them :-)

and these gerberas don’t even look real. but they are…

i only wish this time of the year lasted a little longer. it’s just so pretty. thanks for walking through my garden with me…

have a happy weekend, and to all the moms out there, happy mother’s day!


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16 Responses to seedlings & ramblings: walk with me in my garden…

  1. Corey says:

    Charming! I spy something purple stemmed under your oregano. I have something that looks just like it called chocolate mint. It really tastes like it, too – yum. Thanks for the stroll. :)

  2. smilindown says:

    Okay, I may have to come up and visit you. I want to walk in your beautiful yard! Those are gorgeous growing things you got there!

  3. smilindown says:

    btw, this is Jess :)

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  5. A lovely tour of your garden. Thanks!

  6. zentMRS says:

    Your garden is fabulous! I love fresh herbs for cooking too. I made scrambled eggs over the weekend and added some of our fresh basil and oregano – delicious!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ott, A says:

    Just stopping by from garden party Tuesday. I love the smell of lilacs. Your pictures are very pretty. You must have a beautiful yard to be quite proud of. Happy Gardening!

  8. Holly says:

    Great garden! Beautiful flowers and shots! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wow, thank for sharing this at the Tuesday Garden Party- your photos are wonderful. I especially like the hosta taken from above!

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  11. Paula says:

    I wish I were really there~! It looks lovely! Paula from Idaho

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  13. Your gardens are breathtaking! Please come share them at my Garden Party if you get a chance! Have a blessed weekend!

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