just a bit of dirt, for now.

i wrote about my garden here. the other day, my mom was visiting and with her help, i set up a little garden (very little, about 4’x4′) for growing some more herbs and veggies.

once the grass was dug out, we placed a layer of rich, dark compost from the compost bin. the bin is a simple one i purchased several years ago for $20 i think it was, from the municipality where we lived. they were giving them out at a reduced price to help initiate more composting. we now have a municipal food waste composting program, where you can include typically non-compostable additions like cooked greasy foods, meat, bones and so on. we do fill up our “green bins” for the city, but keep the good stuff like egg shells, veggie scraps, coffee grinds, grass clippings and leaves for our own compost bin.

we have a pine tree that drops a lot of needles, and some of them make their way into our compost. i’ve read that this increases the acidity of the resulting soil, so i sprinkled 1 cup of limestone over the compost in the little garden, and worked it into the soil. limestone, when dissolved in water, is a base, and works to counteract the acidity of the soil. (though i would’ve imagined something called LIMEstone to be acidic. just sayin’.)

the white things are just petals from a nearby tree that is losing its blossoms.

i placed four wooden stakes, one at each corner, and wrapped some chicken wire around it. we’ll see how good it is at keeping the bunnies out. i have a large patch of clover which the bunnies love to eat, but i think they may be tempted by the salad bar i’m planning. a makeshift “gate” where the chicken wire overlaps lets me into this space, though that probably wont be necessary as i can reach over and into the spot fairly easily. we’ll see…

i’m thinking i’ll set up something like this.

suggestions? i figure the edges are good for the cucumbers and the peas which will climb against the chicken wire. but the rest is fairly arbitrary. i think i’ll do some more reading about which plants complement each other. i’ve still got some time before putting things in the ground. but i’ll try and not to overthink it ;-)

the victoria day weekend is generally the gardener’s weekend in these parts, as it’s unofficially known as the day when you can, more or less, safely transfer your seedlings without fear of frost. but hey, this is canada, and we know that anything is possible. so i’ll likely wait til the end of the month to get the seedlings cold-ready and into the ground.

i’m looking forward to it.

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4 Responses to just a bit of dirt, for now.

  1. Corey says:

    Love compost. nom nom nom nom.

  2. smilindown says:

    your “bit of dirt” reminds me of Mary asking Mr. Craven for a “bit of earth” in A Secret Garden :)

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