this blogging thing…

when i started this blog last month, it was to inspire myself to do more. creating really does make me happy. but i was finding that the days were going by at breakneck speed, and at the end of each day, i was left wondering what i’d actually gotten done. writing things here as i go has helped me keep track. but also – as a friend shared with me recently – blogging can turn an everyday task such as cooking, gardening, or laundry…

…into a little project. i look at things a little differently now. rather than getting something done just to get it done, i enjoy the process more. stopping to smell the flowers, taking 17 photos of each of them, and such ;-)

but more than that, i have always liked to document things. as a young girl, i kept many journals.

very few survived, as the older version of myself would read my younger version’s thoughts and cringe a little and tear the paper to shreds. in highschool, i edited the school paper, and enjoyed the writing process, putting stories together and presenting them to the readers.

the interesting thing about personal blogging, unlike most writing, is that you don’t necessarily have to write to a specific audience. here, you write about whatever you’re thinking, seeing, experiencing, feeling… you present it however you want to… and the audience finds you instead. you either connect on some level with someone out there, or you don’t and you both carry on.

would i still have this blog even if nobody visited? absolutely. but it does make it that much more interesting when readers stop by.

so for whoever is reading this, thank you. for all those who have stopped by and left a comment, thanks for taking the time. really. i enjoy reading them and learning more about who is floating around out there behind this future-machine* of mine…

and this is all sounding a bit deeper than i intended, so i’ll leave you with this little diy how-to:

question: how do you make a hotdog stand?

answer: take away his chair.


* “future-machine” is a term i use in my mind to describe any gadget like a computer, iPod, etc. i like to pretend i live in a simpler time than i actually do. yes, i realize i’m slightly delusional and completely hypocritical as i write here almost daily, and wouldn’t be able to do so were it not for these new-fandangled computing apparatuses. but hey, it’s my blog and i’ll do what i want to! ;-)

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7 Responses to this blogging thing…

  1. smilindown says:

    :) That’s how I feel about my blog. I just document our daily lives and then wonder why 94 people find that fascinating :P

  2. Nancy S says:

    So true your assessment of blogging. I go to some blogs and scratch my head. I just can’t connect sometimes, even if the blog is about things I’m interested in. It’s like a friend or a date- you usually know immediately if it’s going to work out. I write my blog for almost nobody (or at least nobody who comments!) and sometimes I wonder why I bother. But you do think about everyday life differently when you blog. So, ultimately, I do it for myself.

    Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Thanks for this post.

  3. I think this is beautifully written. I think you are correct, everything becomes a creative project when you blog and a reason to take a bagillion photographs. :)

  4. ~*~Patty says:

    SO very happy this future machine brought us together … grateful for sharing and being able to connect across the miles…Love the feeling of no borders that blogging brings too!
    Great post Ana … beautifully stated
    and your friday archive dive is brilliant too.
    The blue flowers remind me of ‘forget-me-nots’ … are they?
    oh and stopping to smell the flowers is something I do every chance I get….so grateful for the little things!
    Happy Friday Dear One!

  5. A wonderful look at blogging! A view of it that I need to try return to a little more often. After almost 7 years (come March) sometimes it feels like a chore. Then again, working from home can be isolating and the bloggers I’ve connected with are kind of like virtual coworkers with whom I gather around the figurative water cooler :-)

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