the way they see things…

i love the way kids see things we often miss. maybe it’s because they are physically closer to the ground and can scope things out better than us bunch of tall myopes.

but i’m pretty sure they see things differently because their minds aren’t cluttered with the bitty details of things that must be done and remembered. their synapses haven’t fired along the same path for decades as they have in our minds, creating a trodden down and well traveled road. their minds are open to so many new things, they have feelers out in every direction it seems, and they are able to see things in a way that is so refreshing to us “grown ups.”

the other day, this made its way to me, held within little hands, accompanied by this curious little question: “do you think maybe a woodpecker did this?”

i looked at it closely. turned it over in my hands. i had no idea. my first thought was termites, but it could very well have been a woodpecker. but more than that, how in the world did this child find this little bit of tree bark, amongst a garden full of vegetation? and not only that, made note of it long enough to realize there were little holes in it. this was no ordinary bit of bark. this bark had a story behind it.

i don’t have the story for this one or all the answers. but i am so glad for the young minds in my life that keep me seeing things in a new light.

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3 Responses to the way they see things…

  1. Nancy S says:

    Could be woodpecker, could be termites, could be the space where the branch was. Woodpecker would be the charismatic choice. But correct? Someone out there knows.

    It always amazes how much kids trust adults to have all the answers. I don’t have my own kids but over the years unknown kids have stopped me in parks and stores and asked me all kinds of questions. It is an enlightening experience.

  2. Jess says:

    that’s pretty cool :)

  3. Corey says:

    I love that perspective. I still notice the little things.

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