about those lemons…

so. about those lemons.


after i use lemons in a recipe, i put them into a little bowl of water.

lemons in water, in bowl

pop it in a crusty dirty microwave.

living in filth: dirty microwave

(i really feel badly for making you look at my dirty microwave. also, notice that this photo has no watermark? they can steal this photo!)

zap for 1 minute, or until water is bubbly and steams in microwave.

zap 1 minute or so

the steam helps loosen the splattered gunk inside the microwave so i can just wipe it out with a cloth. sometimes, i take the lemon (it gets hot, careful!) and rub it directly on the tough splatters.

soft cloth, lemon

but it works. all clean, and it smells lemony fresh.

clean microwave, pretty dish

wait, how’d that get in there?

(i figured i owed you something pretty to look at since subjecting you to the gunk in my microwave.)

this is my absolute favourite thrifted find…a figgjo turi design casserole dish in the “market” pattern, made in norway. isn’t it lovely?

turi design "market" casserole dish


i shared this post with selena at apron thrift girl. you can post about your thrifty finds each monday. thanks selena!

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16 Responses to about those lemons…

  1. Vickie says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Here I am visiting yours and it is a beauty. Can’t wait to read into the archives. You’re from Canada ?

  2. iMadeItSo says:

    thank you vickie! and yes, i am canadian :-)

  3. Jess says:

    Brian may have to try that next time instead of bleach!

  4. thanks for the tip. i will def have to try this next time i use lemons for something.

  5. Nancy S says:

    Your casserole dish is very lovely. Do you ever wonder how or why things end up where they do? I have such odd things from all over the world that I find in estate sales in the middle of nowhere. Strange is the journey of “stuff”

    • iMadeItSo says:

      all the time nancy! canada is a very multicultural society, and i often wonder about the story behind the things i see from all corners of the world. where they came from, who packed them up and brought them here (and what did they leave behind?)… it’s fascinating.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Love your Norwegian casserole dish – a wonderful thrifty find. Thanks for the tip about the lemons too, I’ll have to give that a go as my microwave is disgusting!!

  7. Laura says:

    I love that casserole dish design!

  8. laura says:

    ohhh I love the Figgjo! Just found 4 small figgjo plates in the fisherman design–going to list them soon :)
    thanks for stopping in I really enjoy your blog!

  9. Halima says:

    Wow, what a beautiful dish and a great use of lemons! Hadn’t thought of that before. Thanks.

  10. cristina says:

    Top tip – I hope it has inspired me to do the same!

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  13. Lena says:

    Okay, this post is a bit dated, but it’s friday night and I google around a bit. Now I landed on your blog. This weekend I bought at a flea market a pot of “turi design” that matches to your casserole. And looking at your pictures, I note you also have this great IKEA tray. The one with the beautiful elephants. This is just in front of me next to the computer, along with a matching glass. I wanted to let you participate only in this funny coincidence. ;)
    Many greatings, Lena

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