weekend in a nutshell… #5

i may as well start numbering t h e m

it was another beautiful weekend. what makes a weekend beautiful to me?

nice weather is a bonus. blue skies and fluffy clouds…had that.

canadian flag planes

relaxing is nice. but also doing something out of your comfort zone keeps things… interesting?

clown making balloon animals

(clowns creep me out. but this one did make amazing balloon figures…although, balloons [or, the thought of them popping] creep me out as well, so this was a very adventurous weekend for me! ;-))

and finishing another project is always a definite plus!

old lamp bases

(no, that’s not a new “glamour shots” setting on my camera; i just went from the cool air conditioning to the warm outdoors and my camera lens did that…)

and it’s always extra-nice when something beautiful follows me home…

amazing thrift store find

i can’t wait to tell you about it! and i’ll share a project for using up those straw trivets, tomorrow.

how is your weekend going?

wishing a happy & safe 4th to all those celebrating today!

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8 Responses to weekend in a nutshell… #5

  1. Your glamour shot looks awesome. I love it when unexpected things happen ;) Clowns kinda creep us out too ;)

  2. ~*~Patty says:

    I share your aversion to clowns … they are like olives I think … luv em or hate em
    Brilliant blue sky pic with your handsome flag flying
    can’t wait to learn more about what followed you home ;)

  3. Nancy S says:

    This weekendfor us is all about tearing up the outside of the house- we’re getting ready to paint. Lots of prep. Now we are hiding the nice, cool house until the sun goes down a bit.

    Can’t wait to see the trivets! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember, clowns are your friend.

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  5. Tara Benwell says:

    I think “taking pictures” should be in your love list on your bio. You must love doing it because you are so talented. The flag shot is incredible. And that clown. Oh my. Did you see Toy Story 3 yet? My kids were scared of the fire scene, but my hubby didn’t like that clown. Me, I was kind of freaked out by the baby. It was our first movie outing ever as a whole family!

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  7. you know, i feel like most people are creeped out by clowns. i mean, when do you ever hear someone say, “i LOVE CLOWNS!!!”?

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Ha…when i was younger, like fifth grade, I did a huge report on the different types of clowns. No idea why. I must have recently been to the circus, or seen a movie. Either way, I’m not into clowns either, and whenever I come across that report I can’t imagine what I was thinking.
    I’m fine with balloons, but I do a paranoid cringe every half second when rambunctious children have them Lol

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