i love how inspiration spreads…

remember my lemon poppy loaf recipe?  barefootheart wrote a lovely post about her version today.  it made me smile to read it, because her blog, willow house chronicles, is one of my favourites.  it’s one of those quiet places i like.

and the funny thing is, she inspired me to plant some huechera a couple of months ago when i was planning my little garden. (and i have enjoyed saying that word every time now: “HEW-kera”)

click on my copy of the better homes and gardens cookbook to see barefootheart’s copy. you wont be disappointed, hers is way cooler :-)

better homes and gardens new cookbook

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7 Responses to i love how inspiration spreads…

  1. ~*~Patty says:

    I really LOVE how blogging is a bridge that connects us all so beautifully! Your post is the perfect example of sharing what we Love and connecting and inspiring one another!
    Very Cool!

  2. Kirsty says:

    Ohh how sweet! I love that we can get and give inspiration by being part of the blog world! How wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the nod, iMadeItSo. I love the way you linked the two cookbooks. And thanks for the recipe!

  4. Tara Benwell says:

    My kids play house with my mom’s Better Homes cookbook! It has a different cover than both of these and has many missing pages. I’ve never made anything out of it, but it still gets plenty of use when the kids are playing restaurant. I’m sure there is something in it about having the dinner ready when your husband walks through the door.

  5. ~*~Patty says:

    Inspiration really IS contagious and a wonderful thing. I think often we may be inspired and not even realize it until something emerges.
    Great Archive Dive theme as always dear Ana.
    I am also wowed by how I could click on the photo and be linked somewhere else…no idea how that is done!

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