on being 5'2"

if you’re 5’2″ (or thereabouts) and are trying to find the perfect couch, it’s hard. many couches are way too deep. so you either sit uncomfortably on the edge so that your toes can touch the ground, or you scooch all the way back and look like a little kid, with your feet sticking out.

drawing of a child holding a lollipop sitting on a couch

my new couch doesn’t do that. just saying.

it makes me feel a little like this, actually.

little queen sitting on a couch

and i promise that’s the last thing i’m going to say about that couch. for a while.

thanks for indulging me.

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13 Responses to on being 5'2"

  1. Kirsty says:

    Pish Posh!
    I am 4’ft9″ you’re GIANT!

  2. Tayla B. says:

    Well, you should feel like that after such a wonderful find! :) And I know what you mean. I am 5’2″ as well…. lol

  3. That was a fantastic couch story, I very much enjoyed reading all of the installments. Your couch is gorgeous and fit for a queen, enjoy! You must now have your friends over and share your couch, serving tea and crumpets of course!

  4. iMadeItSo says:

    thank you! and funny you should mention that, victoria, i am serving tea! on monday actually. please join me…

  5. Tara Benwell says:

    Brilliant photos. What if I want a sequel?

  6. Angela says:

    A “coach” fit for a queen. How perfect! Great to hear how much you are enjoying it. :)

  7. Nancy S says:

    Oh no you don’t! You need to keep up posted about the adventures of the couch: new clothes, new location, any changes at all….you must keep us up to date. I feel personal involvement with the couch now…..

    What am I saying??!?!? Enjoy the couch. Leave us out, let us in, either way you SCORED!

  8. iMadeItSo says:

    regarding a sequel: i asked the couch. she said “talk to my agent.” i think all this has gone to her head a little…

  9. Halima says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to find something that is just the right fit when your petite? I especially hate getting into the car after my husband and having to adjust the seat from about mile away.

  10. lol. excellent images to illustrate your feelings. i can relate to the joy of finding a couch that fits. i’m a vertically challenged person myself.

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