sunday scribble: over-the-top yogurt commercials annoy me.

it's just yogurt.

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10 Responses to sunday scribble: over-the-top yogurt commercials annoy me.

  1. Corey says:

    How very cute. What is your medium?

    Also, you read my blog this morning in what must have been seconds after I posted it. The funny part is, I had to edit it in those precious seconds and at the time was thinking, I’d better fix the spelling of “ascent” to “assent” or Ana’s gonna bust me on it (even if only in your mind). LOL!

  2. Jess says:

    like Trix and Danimals?

    • iMadeItSo says:

      haven’t seen those, jess. i’m thinking of the one with the lady twirling and bouncing onto giant yogurt cups, thrilled to bits. maybe it’s a canadian ad… maybe i should be happy for her. but i’m not. and i don’t want any yogurt either.

      maybe if she was holding a skein of wool, i could understand…

  3. Angela says:

    I avoid commercials if at all possible. They make my eyes twitch! Since you mentioned yogurt… have you tried Greek Gods’ Honey yogurt. THAT is creamy perfection! And what I just had for dinner. :)

  4. iMadeItSo says:

    haven’t heard of that angela. you seem awfully excited about that yogurt. and to have it for dinner? *suspicious glance* are you sure you’re not that lady from the commercial?

  5. Nancy S says:

    Douching is also an over the top activity. Along with using hemorrhoid cream and taking allergy medication. All this fun stuff I’m missing out on!

    Your drawing is cute!

  6. ~*~Patty says:

    yogurt and SO many other commercials too!
    some commercials seem like they should only be on TV after 2am!
    WHO in the world thinks these are the way to reach people!!!

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