oregano blossoms on my pizza

i mentioned 16 things to do with herbs before, and the list has now grown to 25 things, thanks to all of your suggestions!

i went away for a couple of days, and my oregano plants carried on without me. the nerve! when i returned, they were in bloom. some not quite open yet…

oregano blossoms not quite open

and others with tiny blossoms bursting…

oregano blossoms open

you can eat these blossoms. just as you can eat the little buds on those chives.

i plucked them off the plants…

oregano blossom in hand

chopped up a few other ingredients…

red pepper cut in half

and made a pizza.  i sprinkled the blossoms and leaves all over.  the flowers are so full of flavour.

oregano blossoms pizza

it was delicious.

a few notes:

* oregano leaves are most tender and taste best before the plant flowers.

* overcooking oregano makes it bitter. i add it last, or sprinkle it on fresh. when making pizza, i sauté all the other ingredients first to release the flavours. i put the sautéed topping on the pizza, then add any fresh herbs. if i’m using cheese, i sprinkle that on top, then warm it up just enough to melt the cheese.

pizza in the oven

have i listed your ideas for what to do with herbs from the garden yet? you can see the list here.

~* i will be sharing this post with jami and her readers at an oregon cottage *~

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27 Responses to oregano blossoms on my pizza

  1. ~*~Patty says:

    ummm it’s a little after 8 in the am and you’ve made me hungry for pizza
    I Love using herbs … marjoram is one of my most favorite … a little goes a long way

    your oregano blossoms would be lovely in a salad too, must go check out your list

  2. Nancy S says:

    Mine are flowering like crazy. I never knew you could use the flowers. Thanks!

  3. Ron says:

    Hi Ana,

    Thanks for your nice recipe!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, “Inspire!” My latest posts are “Successful Living,” “No Happier” and “Celebrate!”




  4. minervasgardenwriter says:

    What gorgeous photographs–well done! I am hoping that we make pizza this weekend, and so will have to try sprinkling the oregano flowers on top–it hadn’t occurred to me before.

    Athena at Minerva’s Garden

    • iMadeItSo says:

      thank you athena! i really enjoy taking photos.

      i looked at your website again today. i had no idea hummingbirds could be so aggressive! interesting articles you’ve written. i learned something new :)

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  6. Corey says:

    We and the kids love to go through the yard and pick stuff to make a salad, mostly edible natives. I have used the oregano leaves but never the flowers. I guess that’s next!

  7. zentMRS says:

    Good idea! I have wondered if I should use my flowers. I do with basil, and now will with my oregano as well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I was actually thinking about making pizza today. I might have to make it tomorrow but I don’t have any fresh oregano :(

  9. Ott, A says:

    Well I must say that is by far the prettiest pizza I have ever seen! I will also admit that I’m now courious as to how it tastes.

  10. Gabby says:

    That pizza looks yummy!

  11. Halima says:

    I think I’ll come over to your house for pizza – it looks delicious! I shall have to remember about the oregano flowers, great tip thank-you. We had a big beautiful patch of it growing about 2 months ago, until the squirrels made off with it – *sigh* – I’ll just buy it fresh from now on.

  12. Great way to add “pretty” to pizza! I have never thought to use the blossoms. I will be trying this in salads too :)

  13. Yum! Fresh herbs make everything better, I think, even pizza…which is still pretty darn good without them :) Thanks for the tip on adding the oregano last.

  14. Your photos are incredible!

  15. Really? I never knew! So glad you linked this up to the Tuesday Garden Party so I can use my oregano blossoms on our next pizza. :-) Thanks!

  16. Lovely photos and lovely pizza! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea.

    visiting from tgp

  17. Cassy says:

    You take beautiful, beautiful photographs! Really enjoying perusing through your blog entries.

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  19. Julie says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm……….. I want pizza NOW!!! Well, the one in the picture actually. It’s so nice and pretty! My homemade pizzas never look that beautiful!

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