a feature, a thank you, a bumper sticker and a few things i'm being forced to share.

my straw trivets mat was featured today on craft gossip. lots of ideas there, if you get a chance. also, i’ve added an update at the bottom of the original tutorial to let you know how it’s holding up… take a peek when you get a sec.


angela at bounty huntress gave me a “this blog is lovely award”

in portuguese? i’m international, you guys!

she wrote a very nice bit about me on her blog ~

“Ana @ I Made It So

She has a gift for storytelling and she’s delightfully funny.  You’ll want to go to her house for tea, sit on her new vintage couch, and chat for a while.  She can draw and take beautiful photographs too.  Please go read her 4 part couch story starting here because I think there should be t-shirts and bumper stickers made that say “Can w3 gel this coach”…

get out! (said like elaine on seinfeld, along with the forceful shove). “delightfully funny,” well yes, there’s that.

but seriously, thank you angela. i’ve said it before. i’m lucky to do what i do and it’s so nice that some of you have stopped through here to read, whether you comment or not. i truly value personal time, and for any of you to share a part of your day here, well… a sincere thanks to all of you.

here’s the hard part. i know i’m supposed to pass this award on to 2 others blogs i deem worthy, but… i’m not gonna. boohiss, i know. i was never very good at passing along these sort of things. i’m sure a lifetime of chain mail stopped at my feet has pretty much sealed my fate to be struck down by the curse of a gaggle of angry pigeons or something.

but i can’t pick just two. i know how these things are supposed to go. and i know i risk the chance of never being honoured with another blog award again. but i think if i could leave it up to my readers to decide on a new blog or two to visit from any of the comments left here, well that would be cool. i think they’re all worthy of recognition. (except that viagra guy, maybe not him. and that one about “thanks for the tip very useful info just what i was looking for” signed with a chatter of hieroglyphics dot com… yeah, not that one either.).

to make up for it, i made you this bumper sticker.  we’re good?

can w3 gel this coach? comic doodle bumper sticker imadeitso.com

oh dang. you’re still here? i was supposed to reveal a few things about myself too (seriously, who comes up with these awards? i’m the sulky kid in the corner who never wanted to play pin the tail on the donkey.  don’t i share enough as it is? i’m squirming here)…

fine. if you must know.

1. i like word games. i love boggle. i will beat you in boggle.  be prepared.

2. i don’t like air hockey. i will beat you in air hockey. don’t say i didn’t warn you.

3. i’m not as competitive as i sound. i’m just really good at boggle and air hockey.

4. ok, that’s not true. i’m just really good at boggle and air hockey if i’m playing against my kids.

5. i never “let” them win anything.

6. #5 makes me sound scary. i’m not. unless you wake me from a nap.

7. i believe in attachment parenting. but mostly, i believe in listening to your kids and doing what works best for you all. unless you’re blogging. then a quick “mama’s busy! get your own dinner!” will suffice. (i kid, i kid!)

8. my google fu is strong.

9. i had a geocities page in the 90’s.  i wonder how many of you remember those…i wonder if it’s still out there somewhere… i know geocities is down, but i wonder where all those zeros and ones that made up the site went. i wonder if it’s like the first law of thermodynamics, where energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms. i know some of my energy goes into the zeros and ones here now. i wonder if it’s like what they say about caesar’s last breath … i wonder about a lot of things.

10. i really really like the band, sloan.  i have for a long time. they follow me (and 5250 others, ahem) on twitter. and patrick pentland from the band now has his own blog. (hm. maybe i should give him a “your blog is lovely award”…). you can get insider info on how not to hang with the band and what demands the rock n roll divas make while on tour. careful though. he’s a little surly. and he gets paid per word, so he’s kind of like charles dickens that way.

p.s. thanks for thinking of me, angela. really. it’s been great getting to know you… sorry i’m bad at playing by the rules. i’ll just grab my loot bag and go now.

Bounty Huntress

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14 Responses to a feature, a thank you, a bumper sticker and a few things i'm being forced to share.

  1. Victoria says:

    Bumper stickers and t-shirts, brilliant! Have you ever read the Pioneer Woman blog? Your writing reminds me a bit of hers – and please take that like the compliment it’s intended to be, even if you don’t like that blog!!

    I had a Geocities page too. I was 12 or so, and my dad taught me html. I had an X-Files fan page. It was bright yellow. :)

    • iMadeItSo says:

      well let’s just say i was a bit older than 12 when i made my page, which makes the whole story sadder ;-) i haven’t read pioneer woman’s blog but i have friends who do, and i know many love her. i will take the compliment, thank you so much!

  2. Estivalia says:

    Aaah, geocities. Old times, not good times. That’s all I have to say ;)

  3. ZebraBelly says:

    Oh gross. That smells like Caesar. Now I feel all dirty and want to scrub my nose of Caesar breath.

    Actually, I had heard that when I was a kid (but it was Jesus, not Caesar) and TOTALLY forgotten it until now. So thank you for the reminder. Or something.

    PS. I love your #5, it gave me giggles.

  4. Corey says:

    Love this post! I love what Angela wrote, as well. *grin!

  5. Congratulations on your blog award. You and I must have similar rules to play the “award games” by :) I also loved learning a little about you – thank you for sharing a little of you.

  6. Ninja Solly says:

    Yeah. Bumper stickers. I’d buy one. It’s not every day one reads “gaggle of angry pigeons.”

    Speaking of pigeons, does imadeitso.com have an official position on lunch consumption of said fowl?

    • iMadeItSo says:

      no official position, however, the ninja may want to consider writing a guest post here about personal experiences with unconventional cuisine. anonymity ensured, ninjas need to maintain stealth…

      note: no pigeons were harmed in formulating this response.

  7. Nancy S says:

    Thanks for sharing the durability of the trivet mat. I think I’m going to make one for under the doggie dishes. I like the idea of having it in the kitchen but not underfoot. Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing revealatory information. I promise I’ll never wake you from a nap! And sign me up for a t-shirt.

  8. stephanie says:

    Ana, you are awesome! I have missed you on Facebook. Thankfully Andrea told me about your new blog, so now while I sit in my office thinking about knitting, I can read about what you are creating too. :)

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