the (long) weekend in a nutshell…

it was the annual celebration of nothing spectacular, a cleverly devised long weekend to fall between that stretch from canada day on july 1st and labour day in september.

sunday, we spent a few good hours driving towards a new town (the town is not new, just new to us) with promises of cool things to do with the kids. not even halfway there and having spent far too long in traffic as it was (oh the traffic! a mass exodus of sorts), we diverted our route and tried to save the day at a place with “adventure” in its name.

you know that when something is called “adventure-” anything, the biggest adventure you’re likely to find is battling a crowd of people with the same great idea as you. or, which turned out to be the case sadly, battling generally accepted standards of basic hygiene and public safety. really? an exposed wire and electrical outlets at toddler-height? well a trip to the ER would be quite the adventure, i suppose.

so change of plans, yet again. we decided to venture towards a provincial park. i love the beautiful green spaces and natural beauty we have here in such abundance (minus the bugs). too bad though, all the parking lots were full to capacity!



perhaps the promise of ice cream would buy us all a little more patience as we desperately tried to salvage some fun out of the day. spent a few quiet moments at a small playground. i refueled my own patience while sitting on the park bench. threw a few more stitches (and a little frustration) into the old project…

sitting knitting on a bench

recharged, went home, got our swimsuits and went swimming for a couple of hours in a pool. about 5 minutes from home. good times.

a roundabout way of enjoying the day, i admit.

signing off from the quiet and hygienic back porch (plenty of parking out front, too)…

~ ana

p.s. i’m excited to share a very special artist spotlight tomorrow.

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7 Responses to the (long) weekend in a nutshell…

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    Oh yes, we’ve had days like this. Funny how quickly our kids forget as soon as we get them to a park.

  2. ~*~Patty says:

    sometimes it is not easy making a plan … glad your day had a happy and refreshing ending! that golden yarn certainly IS pretty!

  3. Oh Ana, your posts make me belly laugh!
    Thank you.
    Warmly, Camille

  4. Vacations can be such hard work.
    I like Simcoe Day. You have to admire someone who abolished slavery decades before the rest of the world, but in the Ottawa region it is Colonel By day. Mind you, his canel is pretty nifty.

    • iMadeItSo says:

      i wholeheartedly agree :) i like that it is called something different depending on where in canada you are… simcoe day, new brunswick day, british columbia day.

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