about my camera

i’ve been asked about my camera a number of times these past few months since starting this blog. i can never remember the details, and i have to always go looking for my camera (which usually isn’t very far, to be honest) to find the specs and such.

it’s a canon powershot sd880 IS digital elph.

10.0 mega pixels

zoom lens 4x

it’s cute, and it takes good photos. it has a killer macro setting. it is expensive (by my standards… keep in mind i’ve been known to frequent thrift stores and my sense of economy is stuck somewhere in the 50’s by today’s standards… 1850’s, arguably. and yes, that’s the couch in the background below). the camera was a very generous gift.

i love it.

my camera canon http://imadeitso.com

who took this photo? no mirrors. must’ve been those gnomes again, they only see in sepia.

and this photo (to show you the nice big digital display screen)…

canon camera powershot display screen

was surprisingly hard, but fun, to capture.

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9 Responses to about my camera

  1. ~*~Patty says:

    your camera (and you) take great pictures
    that’s for sure!
    very artsy shot you took there = Fun!

  2. Corey says:

    That last image is SO COOL!

  3. Angela says:

    I could stare at that last one for hours just like an MC Escher drawing wondering how….

  4. Nancy S says:

    My camera was a gift as well (though not as nice as yours (sorry Kelly!)). I find all technology overpriced! And then all the parts and service fees..ughh. I’ll just stay locked up in my house with my $5 sewing machine!

    You do take lovely pictures. I’m glad that you have a great tool to work with, the camerea just brings out the artistry that much more. Enjoy!

  5. iMadeItSo says:

    thanks patty and corey!

    angela ~ i know what you mean. i love escher’s work — and you can compare me to escher anytime ;)

    nancy ~ i’ve told you about my serger i got second hand and how much anxiety that thing gave me before i actually got around to using it? i think when you don’t pay as much for something, it takes some of that pressure off. so instead of a $200+ beginner sewing machine sitting there taunting you, you only have a $5 machine… whose taunts are a little less menacing. have fun!

  6. Halima says:

    Such a great capture on the last picture. Your pictures are always so clear and beautiful, I am still learning how to take good shots. Any tips?

    • iMadeItSo says:

      thanks halima. i’d say my biggest tips are…
      1. know your camera, its limits and abilities, and learn how to play up the features. even the most basic point-and-shoot cameras these days have features that let you adjust shutter speed, exposure, etc. so you can get the best possible shot. i’m still learning about all the features on mine…
      2. lighting. goes with #1. if it’s an outdoor shot, you’ll be surprised how much a given photo can change depending on the angle you take the shot (with respect to the sun). indoor shots for me work best with lots of natural lighting.
      3. be unconventional… take shots from strange angles, from behind other objects, focus on things that aren’t really the focal point… play around. take lots of photos (digital makes it so easy!) … have fun!

      i could go on, perhaps there is a whole other post right here… but i’m still very much a beginner and learning all the time.

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