cautiously optimistic: a sharpie pencil?

i love sharpie markers. they’ve been there with me through the years…

they were there with me for each report label i made throughout university (oh those analog days). they were there with me through moves as i labeled boxes, for holidays and birthdays as i wrote messages inside each card. they were there as i made entries in scrapbooks after each one of my kids was born, and again as i labeled tags on their clothing when they got old enough to go to school. go on, get a tissue, i’ll wait…

sharpie was there when i needed to touch up a corner on a frame that had chipped a little. they have been there through countless doodles. and most recently, a sweet songstress i adore signed her cd for me, using my purple sharpie fineliner.

signed cd case and tickets

i just heard sharpie has come out with a sharpie pencil.

liquid graphite.

writes like a pen.

erases like a pencil.

sets to permanent within 3 days.

i’ll be trying it when it comes out in the fall. cautiously optimistic. i’m not sure what the benefits are over conventional pencils. but i am very curious.

sharpie has never let me down before, and there are very few brands i can say that about with all honesty. i wonder if the execs at sharpie feel the pressure from the might of my expectations …

sharpie marker black

disclosure: sharpie hasn’t given me any samples (though i wouldn’t be opposed) or any sort of compensation, monetary or otherwise. i just really like sharpie and hope this new product lives up to all the hype :-)  ~ ana
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18 Responses to cautiously optimistic: a sharpie pencil?

  1. Very interesting. If anything, they will sell just because they are different ;)

  2. definitely holding out on my opinion. love the sharpie, its great for addressing packages and labeling things, but the sharpie pencil… i’m not so sure about.

  3. Tara Benwell says:

    Ana, you can make anything interesting.

    • iMadeItSo says:

      join me on thursday then, when i talk about burnt cookies…

      p.s. i think you of all people take delight in well-made stationery supplies, no? i have a hunch.

  4. smilindown says:

    I just got a sharpie pen (click stick) that doesn’t bleed through and I’m in love!

  5. ~*~Patty says:

    Love your ode to Sharpie Ana ;)
    I was recently very excited to find a pack of new Sharpie Poster Paint water based markers. The White is especially perfect on paper, much better than the oil based Sharpies, which is not what I might have guessed.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Corey says:

    LOL @ your disclaimer. Man, I can’t wait for these to be available. I love me some office supplies but I especially love me some Sharpies!

  7. Victoria says:

    WHAT. That is awesome!! I did a little happy dance when the Sharpie pens came out, the thin ones. I obsessively and exclusively use them for all my school notes. Then when they came out in multiple colours I fell on my knees and thanked the stationery gods. The only pens I cheat with somtimes are the triangular Staedtler ones. I will definitely be trying these pencils out!!

  8. Annie says:

    i heard about these! i can’t wait to try it on some paintings, it will be so awesome to see what other artists will do with them.

  9. i’m going to have to look out for this. how interesting. i like sharpies, but i have trouble with the bad smell. i wish they would figure out how to make them odorless.

  10. Madge says:

    How fabulous! My signature pen is an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie, black. Did you ever meet a more perfect point in your whole life? I’m sure. But still, they’re great.

  11. imadeitso says:

    a more perfect point? can’t say i have :)

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