Scorpions on a Stick are for Suckers

So, as guest bloggeur (just made that up) here at, I’ve been asked to reflect upon food, which I do pretty much hourly anyway.

I eat almost anything almost anywhere. I love food, I love everything to do with it aside from “foodie culture” (more on that later). I eat to live, live to eat. I am a seeker of all things tasty, and have only two cardinal rules (mmm…cardinal itself sounds yummy) that I always follow when traveling this stunningly stunning world of ours:

1. Dinner is not a suicide mission: Yeah, it’s tempting to be the superhero who gets off the plane in Chennai, hits the first street corner and drinks scented dessert water and a fried snack from a cart in the 52 degree heat. That’s Centigrade. But that’s a boneheaded move because the odds dictate that there’s an 80-90 percent chance that you ARE going to get sick. And not a little sick. Sick sick.

2. Dinner is not the time to be a tourist: The aforementioned scorpions on a stick are not eaten by locals in Beijing. That scorpion lollipop is for suckers. Pun intended, in case you were napping and didn’t grasp it in the title of this piece, tootsie. Yeah, that was another pun.

So how have I travelled over a million miles in these past six years and not ended up in Poisonville or Death Valley?

Eat like a local.


Yeah. Walk any street in any big city. See a cart or a restaurant or diner or anything. Is there a line? If you checked “yes,” go there. If there’s a big line, run to it.


Well, if the locals are lining up, the cook is probably not killing them by serving bad oil or rotten cats or, well, anything else the Dark Master himself probably snacks upon.

I don’t think one can truly experience the world without experiencing the food. Rumour has it that Mr. Imadeitso actually ate roasted pigeon recently. And he opined that it was full of wonderfulness. And crispygoodness. So, follow my lead and hit the chow line.

Hoping to see you there!

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8 Responses to Scorpions on a Stick are for Suckers

  1. Nancy S says:

    Eating like a local could be scary in a place like Japan. I hear the locals go crazy for fugu. And if the locals were lining up for scorpion, I think I would take a pass. Other than that I think you are on to something…you”ll never know if roast pigeon is good until you try it! I guess one has to find their comfort level in terms of what creatures they’re willing to chow on.

  2. ~*~Patty says:

    great tip on looking for long lines and I too enjoy eating new and different things and the same old things too again and again

    I try to eat as little with a face on it as possible heehee
    BUGs definitely fit that category … I was bracing myself for a scorpion pic this morning ;)

    fun post

  3. Darren says:

    What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? I tried worms once in a dish in Central America. They weren’t the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

    • Aron Solomon says:

      Darren – Thanks for the reply.

      Hmmm…the absolutely weirdest thing?

      How about a top 3:

      1. Grasshopper fajitas in Mexico City (way to crunchy and, well, sharp).

      2. Huge piles of ox throat in Sichuan hot pot in Chengdu and Beijing (delicious – taste and consistency of chanterelle mushrooms).

      3. Seal fat in Canada’s North (tasted as one would expect seal fat would).

  4. erin says:

    Yes to everything. We watched Chef vs. City on the Food Network the other day. One of their challenges included eating the tentacles of raw octopus. The tentacles were still wiggling as they put them in their mouths and tried to tear the flesh apart with their teeth. “The suction cups are sticking to my teeth,” said one of the chefs. I hate it when that happens.
    Andrew Zimern (sp?) has a lot to answer for.
    I’ll skip the toasted bee soup and go for a nice bowl of pho.

  5. iMadeItSo says:

    hoo boy, i am craving a veggie pizza right now. i admit i’m not that adventurous, but i always welcome different perspectives and experiences.

    i want to know more about this “foodie culture” you mentioned. let us know if you ever write about that :)

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  7. Matt says:

    Interesting perspective… my army days I met and ate a lot of interesting things…..and the scorpions on a stick are eaten by the Chinese locals…..I drew the line at chicken foetus hard boiled though, but it’s not for suckers……they have been eaten for centuries……before the Chinese even knew about tourists. But nonetheless less fried scorpion tastes like popcorn in a really strange way. Even had a very western commodity……hundreds and thousands to sprinkle on them but still a fairly well written article even if it’s content is rubbish…..

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