bright floral dish made in brazil

the other day, halima asked about the dish i used to serve the pear crisp.

dish with pear crisp

i don’t know much about it, to be honest.

this is the back of it. it looks like it was made in brazil…

brazil dish back

i’m not sure what the “55” signifies. anyone?

it was a thrift store find (don’t look so shocked), in like-new condition. what attracted me to it was the floral motif and the interesting shape with the cut-outs.

dish floral orange

and of course, the bold colours. (you might have heard, my kitchen is a little orange…ok, a lot orange.)

also, someone needs to make a print of this on fabric. mama needs a new apron! ;-) seriously though, wouldn’t it make a nice bolt of thick cotton-hemp fabric?

orange floral motif print on dish

does anyone know anything more about this dish or pattern? it’s a fun one, for sure.

floral orange dish from brasil

thanks for asking and appreciating the little details, halima.

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20 Responses to bright floral dish made in brazil

  1. ~*~Patty says:

    it is a lovely sunshiny and colorful dish, the cutouts along the edge are also the bomb :) I really enjoy turning china over and looking at the logo and it’s funny because I am not a logo kinda gal like for clothes and such … would Love to know what the 55 represents too!

  2. Kyla Roma says:

    I love the cut out areas, what a find!

  3. Ann says:

    So pretty and a quillable design for sure!

  4. imadeitso says:

    patty ~ i’m the same: run fingers along the rim, flip it over to check :)

    kyla ~ thanks!

    ann ~ i love the way you see things!

  5. I love that your kitchen is orange! That is one of my fav colors :-) That needlework find and the plate are are beautiful additions. One question though, how big of pain is it to eat off a plate with the cutwork like that? I’ve always left those to be “pretties.”

  6. Beth says:

    Porcelana is Spanish for porcelain. The ’55’ might be the design number. Schmidt is the name of the company. And it’s design name is SHM12 by SCHMIDT. I found this on Replacements, Ltd. website! It might be a sandwich plate?

  7. Halima says:

    What a wonderful find! This is so so pretty, I would have taken it home with me too :) Hopefully you’ll find more one day.
    Those needlework prints surrounded by all that cheery orange – what a perfect fit for your kitchen – how did I miss that post?

    Thank-you for mentioning me on your blog and sorry for the long wait for a response, I just got back on-line late last night.

  8. Christiane says:

    Porcelana is Portuguese for porcelain. Schmidt is a good and traditional trade in Brazil. There are a lot of beautiful pieces.

  9. Sonia says:

    Porcelana Schimdt is a good porcelain industry in Brazil.
    The 55 number may be some code of them, but it is also the phone area code for Brasil.

  10. sam says:

    my mum has the same plate only with pink flowers and we have been trying to find out about it also. there are no numbers on her plate and the pattern is slightly different and about 25yrs old.

  11. faye robinson says:

    I found one in a thrift store too!

  12. Linda Krowchuk says:

    I have 2 porcelana schmidt brasil dec. plates with pink flowers

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  14. Ginny Grande says:

    I have 4 plates with blue, orange, yellow & green flowers that were my mother in laws. I’m trying to find out how much they’re worth. They are beautiful, but don’t match my décor.

  15. Francis says:

    I have a large one like that with the same print but without the cutouts. Maybe 14inches. Very beautiful.

  16. Anna B says:

    I came across your blog post as I was searching for info on this china pattern. My aunt and uncle were married in Brasil in the 60s and this was their china! I have “inherited” several pieces, but I have no idea what to do with them. If she wouldn’t have my head on a platter, I’d ship them to you for display in your orange kitchen :)

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