a couple of videos.

i came across these videos the last couple of days. the first one made me smile. the second one made me think.

have a wonderful weekend. enjoy…

{thanks to drawn for the first, and c for the second.}

editing to add: i’ve shared the link to the making of the first video. it’s in the comments below…

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10 Responses to a couple of videos.

  1. WOW! Both videos are amazing but the second really spoke to my heart and many of her words were very true. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. imadeitso says:

    you’re welcome tammy. a lot of her words spoke to me as well and i thought they may resonate with others out there too. it’s funny how just yesterday i mentioned the appeal of spirals in nature, and she touched on that too. i like what she said about empathy, about children, about… well ok, i’ll be here for 4 and half minutes just explaining, so i’ll just go watch the video again instead ;)

  3. ~*~Patty says:

    OH I adore DOT and her adventures … riding a beezie weezie and so much more!!! I have no clue HOW that was done, eventho they show it?
    Just Brilliant TFS dear Ana!
    And Renate Hillar really gets to the heart of the matter … I adore her and her heartfelt expressions so much!
    Double WOW and Wonderful!
    can you tell I really liked them … I had actually heard Renate before but had another listen … just because … it’s so good :)

  4. Halima says:

    The first video reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, when she goes down the hole into a strange world, it’s really neat, I wonder how long that took to complete?
    Renate Hiller really puts into perspective the importance of handwork in our lives, I enjoy that very much, thanks!

  5. Tara says:

    Love that second video. Was drawing airplanes with my 4 year old when I took a break to play with my new iPad. Think i’ll go back to drawing… Fantastic share Ana.

  6. Loved the Dot video! Shared it on my facebook so my soon to be son-in-law can check it out, he’s in school for that sort of stuff in Vancouver, Washington. Thanks for sharing.

  7. imadeitso says:

    halima ~ did you see the making of video? here it is again. it’s so interesting… and the applications of this technology for healthcare in third world countries and such. very cool.

    tara ~ it does make you want to get back to basics doesn’t it?

    victoria ~ how neat. you’re welcome!

  8. ~*~Patty says:

    thank you for sharing the how they did it video as well Ana
    super super cool and amazing!

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