chacun à son goût: his and hers thrift store finds

i usually go to the thrift store alone, or at most, with the kids if i’m feeling particularly brave. bulls have nothing on kids in the china section of a thrift store. mythbusters actually did an experiment on the old “bull in a china shop” adage by releasing an actual bull into a china shop of sorts; surprisingly, the bull caused very little damage. it was even a little nimble, i’d say.

but the other day, i convinced mr.MadeItSo to come shopping with me.  i’ll share what we picked out.  i always find it interesting to see what people gravitate towards in stores of any kind. it’s a peek into their personality, their likes and dislikes, and even their value system. the worth of something often goes beyond the price tag or name brand, and this is especially true in a thrift store.

here are a couple of examples of what we found…

her find:

a modern stainless steel salad serving spoon and fork, with wood handles, new and seemingly unused…

thrifted modern stainless steel salad serving set

so sleek and well designed, they stack neatly on top of each other for storage. i’m a sucker for good design (and i’m so used to bad design that i will destroy a package trying to open it, until i turn it over and notice the “easy open flap”).

stainless steel set


salad serving fork and spoon

his find:

darth vader cake

hehe. this was made right around the time when star wars was blowing young minds with all its awesomeness.

star wars wilton cake pan darth vader

and i will be using it this weekend for a little birthday boy. i’ve made a character cake or two in the past…

dora cake pan birthday cake

i’ll probably donate the pan back again once i’m done though. i mean, i can’t see myself making this more than once, and the cost of the pan was less than the rental i usually pay at the bulk food store.  the truth is, it’s a big pan and i don’t want to store it. clutter makes me twitch, more on that later…but it’s gonna be one cool cake.

her find:

i wrote previously about my figgjo turi design casserole dish.

figgjo turi norway casserole dish

my collection, if you can call it that, started years ago when i came across this plate…

the cukes were from my garden!

and i was recently able to add to it with this sugar and creamer set, in perfect condition:

figgjo turi market sugar and cream

figgjo turi design market made in norway sugar and creamer

i love the details (Love with a capital L, if patty is reading this; do people you’ve never met ever get into your subconscious thoughts?)…

figgjo turi design market details

and her little smirk makes me smile…

figgjo turi market detail

his find:


exquisite find. if he wishes to explain or defend this purchase, well, he can get his own blog ;-)

but as the title of this post says, “chacun à son goût”… a phrase i learned in highschool french class which i’ve been trying desperately to use in context over all these years. it basically means “to each their own taste.”  monsieur l’acorn agrees with that philosophy.

i’ll leave you with one last story.

our find:

in the early 1990s, there was a little band trying to make their big break. they put out a demo tape, in limited numbers, and kept on doing what they loved: playing music.

from wiki

the full band’s first release of note was the 1991 Yellow Tape. It was a demo tape originally created for the band’s performance at South by Southwest and was the first recording to feature all five members.[3] They spent between $2000 and $3000 on it, and sent a copy to all the labels in Canada; they were refused by all of them.[6] The band turned to selling them off the stage, and wound up selling a lot of them. Word of mouth spread, and people began asking for the tape in local stores. The stores began asking the band for copies of the tape, and the demo tape became a commercial release.[6] Sales began to snowball based simply on word of mouth and their live shows, and the tape became the first indie release by any band to achieve platinum status (100,000 copies) in Canada.[2]

i was given that tape as a gift way back when, from someone dear to me. and i cherished that tape. years went by, and mr.MadeItSo and i went off in different directions to pursue our studies. he had borrowed that tape from me and kept it in his collection in the car. one night, his car got broken into, and that beloved tape was stolen, amongst a few other items…mr. was a bit insulted that they didn’t steal his les miz soundtrack… no taste, some people!

the other night, we came across this at the thrift store…

barenaked ladies demo tape cassette artwork cover

the long lost tape! which includes such hits as… [cue conway twitty song]

"fight the power" "if i had a million dollars" "be my yoko ono" "blame it on me" "brian wilson" barenaked ladies demo tape cassette

your eyes don’t deceive you. the barenaked ladies’ demo tape did indeed include a cover recording of public enemy‘s “fight the power” (i just put that there to give this blog some street cred)… and “page publications”? steven page, no doubt.

barenaked ladies yellow tape

so many memories, right there.

i really try not to hold sentimental value in *things*. i really do. i honestly feel that ideas, actions, people and relationships are what is important. but the more i fight this notion, the more it seems to get a hold of me. i love that tape!

but maybe that’s because it reminds me of people and relationships in my life. (c’mon, i’m convinced, aren’t you?)…

what’s your take on “stuff”? are you a minimalist? a pack rat? a follower of one-in, one-out?

i saw a play at the stratford theatre when i was just a newly married gal, and the title of the play has stuck with me over the years. a quiet voice, a gentle reminder in the back of my mind, said with a knowing smirk: “you can’t take it with you…


i’m sharing this with rhoda at southern hospitality and selena at apron thrift girl. thanks for the chance to share!

© imadeitso, 2010. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to ana at with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
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23 Responses to chacun à son goût: his and hers thrift store finds

  1. I think we had salad fork thing like that growing up. It looks familiar anyway ;) Beautiful dishes too.

  2. Tara Benwell says:

    This is easily my favourite post of yours so far! Just last night I was telling Jackson how sad I was that I didn’t pay the money to have my Gma’s dishes sent out to me after she died. It’s a blue version of your green one! My aunt sent me the milk container, the sugar bowl, the salt and pepper shaker, but priced it as 400 dollars to send the rest. I’m SO mad at myself for not asking for the teapot or at least begging her to hold it all for me. This post makes me even madder at myself. It’s the most playful design ever and it brings back so many memories. I guess I can recollect it…what a strange coincidence.
    BTW-I want to see that Vader cake and I’m sure I once had that tape. I’m going thrift shopping this weekend to find a blackboard for my patio so that I can write daily quotes in my garden.

  3. Love this post! Love the His & Hers. That Star Wars cake pan is a divine find, as is the gorgeous mid century spoon/fork combo. And what a delightful collection you have in that Turi design!
    Also, I really love what you’re doing with your blog – the redesign is divine! :)

  4. Jess says:

    that’s awesome!!!

  5. Nancy S says:

    I love the Barenaked Ladies! So glad that you got your tape back. Except for “Fight the Power”, those songs went on to become the album “Gordon” which I have listened to so much over the last 7 years that I think I have driven everyone around me mad.

    I try to be fluid about the stuff in the house. I’m not a pack rat nor am I spartan. I don’t strictly follow the 1-in, 1-out philosophy either. I keep a box by the door and when I’m over something, in the box it goes. When the box is full it goes to the local charity center. I have no problem giving things to people if an item seems more suited to their decor or lifestyle. I’m always rearranging the stuff I do have so it doesn’t become dusty and forlorn. Neglect is what bothers me more than clutter. It makes me sad to see things that are unloved and forgotten in plain sight. I try hard not to let that happen.

  6. Fantastic post. I’m so wishing I were near a thrift store. Here in Japan, the finds are different. But probably equally thrilling, so I really should try. I love the small collection of figgjo turi! Really cute. And the star wars cake pan – that would be a big hit here….

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  8. Allie says:


    I had that tape. I bought it on Spring break in Vancouver in grade 9 . I loved that tape – oh back when Ed Robertson was chubby <3 Great post, so glad you linked up. Also interestingly I learnt the same phrase in FLA in grade 10. Madame Bergamen said it about my shoes.

  9. Sarah Lou says:

    First i so wish my local oppie had such goodness and second as its about bedtime here, I am now going to bed with a million dollars in my head, which always leads to Tonight Is The Night I Fell Asleep At The Wheel running through my head, which i then spend the next day singing both and cursing that i cant find them on cd here and cursing the fact that I have no idea how to down load them and that im still the only one with out an ipod of any sort.

    ok sorry ramble there – loved finding your blog. which is perfect timing as ive just found my self a lil quilling tool.

    ps i really wish some one would buy me a llama

  10. ~*~Patty says:

    Such a fun post and then to find little ole me mentioned too … you are a doll and I “L”ove how you express yourself dear Ana.

    Your Norwegian china is wonderful tutu charming (I find it hard not to turn over pieces to admire the logo and such on the bottoms of cups and saucers) … the cake pan really put a huge smile on my face and your precious Barenaked Ladies tape lost and found … great story … know your Mr is happy about that one too!

    “Stuff” plays a huge role here … I am a big fan of the ‘little things’ … being sentimental helps fuel the collections … so often it feels like a rescue mission and throwing things away is hardly ever an option … I know there are others of like minds ;) so we donate lots and lots of stuff … so WHY I wonder is there still so much stuff still here! The idea of living a more simple (in the stuff dept) life appeals to me … I’m thinking that may not actually happen until my next life???

    thanks as always for making me smile and think … I came to visit you last night and wanted to wait to comment when I was perkier .. Now I just woke up and hope I made sense hehee!

  11. Thanks for joining the party! I’ve loved meeting all of you who come by. Great finds for you!

  12. Laura says:

    Your finds are great, but your anecdotes are the best!

  13. Shara says:

    I love this post–read it several times (not unusual for me, when I visit you). The stacking salad service is nice.

  14. carla says:

    Do you know your cake pan is going for around $30 on ebay?

  15. imadeitso says:

    carla ~ that may explain the offers i’ve had to purchase it. i did look it up, and was surprised at how much they’re going for on ebay.

    it’s not for sale right now…

    thanks everyone. i’ve enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  16. Sarah says:

    I love this post, Ana! I’m currently in a state of “oh my god there is TOO MUCH STUFF in our house!” I need a solid week of purging and listing crap on kijiji. Not sure that’ll ever happen until we move.

    We do have a few things that hold sentimental value, but more and more I’m letting them go. I’m working hard to make sure that the “stuff” we do bring into the house is quality and that it’s something we either truly need or truly love. Sometimes that works, sometimes not ;)

  17. Halima says:

    I was laughing so hard when I came to the CB4, that my husband came out to see if I was OK. LOL! Great post.
    From the serving spoon & fork to the dishes all of your finds are wonderful. And such a sweet story of the tape.
    I can be a bit of a pack rat but, I can also let it all go just as easily as has been necessary many times in the past. It is good to purge and streamline often, it keeps what is truly important in perspective.

  18. DogsMom says:

    as another Laura said, your finds are great bu it is the stories that had me loving this post.

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  21. SixBalloons says:

    Swooooon… Nice creamer and sugar set! Were you able to thrift all the pieces? Love them.

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