hyperbolic anemone: a crocheted scarf

i was following a sirdar pattern kit for a crocheted ruffly scarf, but unraveled it and decided to make a few minor changes to the pattern. i used a smaller crochet hook as well as mohair yarn from my stash. i can’t seem to leave well-enough alone sometimes…

the pattern calls for adding stitches to each row, increasing linearly on itself. the main change i made was to adjust the positioning of the treble stitches (the longer chains, below) to create a more lacy look by introducing those larger circular loops along the arc.

linear increase crochet

as i held the scarf up, the edges curled in on itself, creating an interesting wavy shape.

anemone crochet scarf held up

it reminded me of seaweed, coral reefs and anemones. actually, there have been models of coral reefs made by crocheting mathematical equations.  it’s fascinating. where math and science intersect with art is a happy place for me.

intersection of art, science and math venn diagram

if you’re similarly inclined, you’ll enjoy reading about the hyperbolic crochet coral reef project here.

as for the scarf, i am not entirely happy with the length, and i will try again adding to it. and i’m not sure that the flouncy look of it is exactly “me” but i do like the drape and lacy look of it. and the colour!

hyperbolic anemone scarf crocheted

the mohair yarn helps create the delicate and fuzzy effect. mohair yarn, made from the wool of the angora goat, is lovely to work with by the way. but a total pain to unravel. it tangles within itself easily.

the series of stitches used is fairly straightforward and would be a good first project for someone who is newer to crochet.

hyperbolic anemone crochet scarf

it is a paid pattern and not available online but the pattern details can be found on my ravelry profile.

here are some free patterns i found that are similar:

cascade scarf (crochet)
knitpicks potato chip scarf (knit)

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18 Responses to hyperbolic anemone: a crocheted scarf

  1. Jess says:

    I’m totally hoping you get me for the swap this year so I get a cool scarf like that :P How awesome is it?? :P

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  3. Angie says:

    Oooh….it’s gorgeous!!! I wish I had the patience for needlework. I know how, just can’t get it together to actually finish a project.

  4. Nancy S says:

    It’s Beautiful!

  5. imadeitso says:

    thank you nancy.

    what? no love on the venn diagram? i think i sprained something making it. it took longer to make than the scarf…

  6. googiemomma says:

    love. it.
    so lacey and beautiful….my brain does NOT crochet. at all. knitting, yes, i can do that. poorly, but i can.
    crochet? no way. (hehehe i’m totally a poet)
    of course, my little diagram of happiness would be more like “art”, “chocolate”, and “pillows”….a bit less…academic than yours. :o)

  7. Van says:

    As a fellow science geek I looooove this craft. It’s so delicate and ethereal…lend my your crochet skills, please.

  8. Ann says:

    SO gorgeous and I usually balk at ruffles… the color and softness has won my heart though.

  9. amy zimmer says:

    Oh wow. Just up my math teaching alley. Extra Credit kids? Amy in Sebtown!

  10. Halima says:

    This so very beautiful, I am sure you get lots of compliments when your wear it. I am not a very frilly kind of gal but this I would wear. Thanks for sharing the article on the hyperbolic crochet project, that was quite fascinating.

  11. imadeitso says:

    i’m not a ruffles kind of person either but somehow this one won me over. and it was fun to make. i needed the gratification from a quick project, because i’m *still* working on the neverending throw

    thanks for all your kind comments!

  12. Alyssa says:

    I’m a knitter, not much of a crocheter yet. But I love that yarn. It’s gorgeous and your scarf turned out beautifully!

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  15. Linda Kitchens says:

    I’m having trouble finding this pattern, hyperbolic anemone: a crocheted scarf, or easy crochet nohair scarf. Where do I get it?

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