it’s interesting how ideas happen.

sometimes they really do occur in a flash. other times, they are more of an evolution, one idea leading to the next, getting stored away for a while until the right conditions allow the idea to resurface in a whole new light.

some ideas are better left alone. and yet others? we can’t seem to rest until we pursue them and see where they lead.

then there are those ideas which may seem broken. or impossible. we might balk at them immediately. or we might toss and turn them about, tinker with them, trying to see if we can find some worth in them.  it’s easy to throw those ideas away. but, maybe the idea itself isn’t where the value always lies.

perhaps, at least some of the time, the worth of something lies in what led us to it in the first place.

broken lightbulb coil ideas by imadeitso

(no lightbulbs were intentionally harmed to capture this image. more on that, next time…)

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  1. Nancy S says:


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  3. Interesting reflections. There are also the ideas that DON’T come and leave you wondering later… Why did I do A and not B? Why didn’t I think of B sooner?

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