14 reasons i love vintage pyrex

1. the colours.

stacks of beautiful pyrex bowls

{the above photo is courtesy of madge, author of solid cherry blog, and owner of way more beautiful pyrex than i can ever hope to find.}

2. the designs.

3. old pyrex wasn’t made in china (sorry china). i have pieces from canada, england, and usa. i have yet to find australian “agee”.

4. the simple, smooth lines.

white smooth lines of vintage pyrex

5. durability. so many have survived all these years. even food-splattered, caked on messes can be cleaned up and made to look new (i use baking soda). and while breaks do happen, no piece is too precious. i use them all, often.

vintage pyrex bowls in a row

6. they look nice out in the open. (if you disagree, be glad you don’t live with me)

vintage pyrex on display in teak hutch

7. a little piece of history. each decade of production had a distinct style.

blue and white vintage pyrex

8. each piece has a personal story behind it: where i found it, how much (or little) i paid, how it followed me home despite our little chat about how very little room i have left in the cupboards.

vintage pyrex bowls nested

9. i get my consumerism fix without breaking the bank. most of my pieces cost between two to six dollars each.

orange yellow daisy pyrex

10. it’s photogenic.

11. and functional.

vintage pyrex butter dish

12 a) it makes food look even better.

pears in a vintage pyrex bowl

12 b) it makes icky hallowe’en candy (clearly a different category than “food”) look even better.

halloween bowl of candy in pyrex

13. this list was originally entitled “10 reasons i love vintage pyrex” but obviously, i’m incapable of stopping at 10. vintage pyrex also helps clear writer’s block. take note, tara ;)

14. if you adore pyrex enough, you might be asked to join an online pyrex collective. and meet others who have it way worse than you!  check out this little post i wrote for “the pyrex collective” sharing a rare 1958 piece of pyrex i found…

another good resource for learning more about vintage pyrex, pattern names, sizes and so on, is pyrex love.

got any pyrex in your cupboards? got your own reasons? share them below…

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50 Responses to 14 reasons i love vintage pyrex

  1. Angela says:

    How right you are! I’m totally crushing on your Butterprint butter dish! That’s the pattern that made me first fall for vintage Pyrex.

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  3. i am totally over the moon with this post! this was total vintage pyrex porn for me! thank you!

  4. Corey says:

    I don’t know whether to be all kinds of happy or all kinds of jealous!

  5. Halima says:

    Oh my! I’ve counted four pieces in your collection that I do not have – ahhhhh :) I want, I need, it has to belong to me!!! Ha, Ha…. yes, I am nuts!
    You have a great collection ana, which was your first?
    Your number #8 is my favorite, I have that conversation all the time.

  6. I used to have two casserole dishes I loved. After many years one broke, but I still had the second. Then, in some minor catastrophe, I lost it too! I was bereft! I haven’t found anything new to match it. I hadn’t thought of searching for used. My eyes are opened. Thanks!

  7. Jess says:

    beautiful pieces! Reminds me of my grandma’s things :)

  8. I guess I never knew that Pyrex had so many different designs. My mother had a lot of pyrex pieces when I was growing up but I have no idea what has happened to all of them over the years.

  9. Oooh, I love this post! My mom recently had the guts to timidly ask me ‘Honey, um, how much Pyrex are you planning on collecting…?’ I just looked at her (holding Pyrex in both of my hands, of course) and didn’t say anything. I think she got the idea…

    If she used the computer, I would totally email her this post so she could see that I am not alone in my crazed collecting! :)

  10. Sharon Norsworthy says:

    Wonderful post!! My first vintage pieces of Pyrex was a red fridgy bowl sans the lid, and a red square 2 1/2 qt. My intentions a year or so ago when I began collecting Pyrex was just to collect pieces that were red or had red in them…..ROFLOL…that didn’t last long! My reasons for collecting Pyrex are pretty much the same as yours, and they make me happy just looking at them!! :) :)

  11. Nancy S says:

    I love the vibrant colors of the flamingo and blue/turquoise pieces. I don’t often buy it when I see it unless it is really, really cheap. I just don’t have the room for it. You have some great patterns. And thanks for the links -I need another obsession like I need a hole in my head!

  12. Cassy says:

    Awesome Pyrex! I’m so jealous of your collection. I would leave it out too. It’s so beautiful! I’ve got to start hunting for some…

  13. P. says:

    You nailed it, all my reasons too! I spent a couple hours last night moving my ever-growing Pyrex collection onto other shelves in the house, thus displacing a boatload of books. Vintage Pyrex is much more interesting to look at than dusty books anyway!

  14. ~*~Patty says:

    VERY enjoyable post, I so see the attraction and need to collect something so useful, steeped in history and charm!

  15. Oh dear…I feel the lure of this obsession…I mean…hobby against all my instincts not to collect. But I like the pretty colours…and unlike my unused yarn stash and untouched bead collection…these could be used without any effort at all!

  16. imadeitso says:

    so fun to read these, thanks for sharing! i knew i wasn’t alone in this :)

  17. Sarsaparilla says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I love your blog – and this Pyrex post! For someone who doesn’t (yet) own any Pyrex at all, you’ve certainly converted me into a new fan!

    I was thinking of writing a post on blogs that I’ve discovered lately, and highlighting interesting posts, etc. Would you mind if I’d use one of your Pyrex photos, with a link leading them to you and this post? I’d really appreciate it.

  18. Lizzy says:

    I only have 4 pieces. It’s a big yellow bowl with a medium green bowl, with a small red bowl and a little blue bowl (I think… the red and blue may be swapped). They were my grandma’s. And that’s why I have them, because they were hers. I remember them being used all the time, and I use them all the time.

  19. I think my poor husband is starting to get that look in his eye. He recently asked me what I was going to do with the last piece of Pyrex I picked up. I’m seriously considering an Etsy shop for some of my other finds, so maybe a Pyrex category would be good.

  20. Estivalia says:

    Lovely collection! I so enyojed this post, lots of eye-candy (: Reason #8 is my favourite! (and I can so relate… but instead of Pyrex put books and art supplies : P)

    Unfortunately I have to confess I have only ONE Pyrex and it’s a transparent one… made in CHINA! (oh, the horror, the shame, I know).

  21. Betty says:

    Such a fun post and so true! Pyrex talks to me too. I have one other reason. I find the whole idea of where glass comes from fascinating. Sand + fire = magic.

  22. Madge says:

    i enjoyed this tremendously! thank you for giving me props. what an honor, here!

  23. I love vintage pyrex. I don’t go thrifting enough to find it often though.

  24. these are all so lovely. i had no idea that vintage pyrex was so fab.

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  30. I just stumbled upon your blog from Pyrex Collective and I love this post! Me too. Our house is so teensy tiny right now (tiny rental while Husband is in grad school). So that combined with the knowledge that we will be moving across the country in less that a year has helped me keep things under control…ish. – http://daydreaminginturquoise.blogspot.com/2011/07/successful-trading.html – I’m worried what will happen once we find a more permanent location though. :)

    I may have to include a link to this post next time I do a post about Pyrex on my blog – which happens quite frequently. My friends and family think I’m crazy but I keep telling them that there are others out there!

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  32. Nel says:

    What a great collection! Reminds me of my mum and growing up…think I may have to find me some for my kitchen ;)

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  35. jealous! I only got my first pyrex bowls over Christmas and am addicted…. I want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially that butter dish

  36. Mable Kropog says:

    I have a few pieces of Pyrex, if you would like I will send you pictures,let me know, and I have not seen the butter dish for years, but will look out for one.

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  38. Em says:

    Hi there
    I’m a beginner to the pyrex field….
    I am Australian so have begun my agee collection.
    So just really wanted to say Hi & I love reading through your posts!

  39. Em says:

    I have just purchased my first agee!! Love it!

  40. Em says:

    It’s opaque with purple flowers (kind of) on it. It’s very similar to one of the federal design.
    I can email a photo if you like :)

  41. Julie says:

    Had to look up what Agee Pyrex was…. oooooooooooooh I can understand the addiction! Very beautiful! I think that I might have a pie plate (belongs to my Mom, never gave it back) that might be that… will have to go check….

  42. Justin Marais says:

    Hi i have an Australian made agee pyrex glass casserole dish which sits in a silver plated stand with bakelite handles. 1940’s i believe!!!

  43. Patti says:

    I have about 500 pieces….. And I love each one. Some more than others admittedly.

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