free pdf of arts and crafts supply labels

with the arrival of autumn, my attention has turned to the indoors, and i’ve been spending some time re-organizing our craft and creative supplies. by “our” i mean mine and my kids’, there is a lot of overlap there as you can tell from some of the projects i’ve shared.

it has been slow-going, but i enjoy this sort of thing and not just because i adore my label maker ;-)

i know some people are most creative in a messy environment, while others need absolute order before they can focus. i used to be at the latter end of the scale, til i had children. now i’m somewhere in the middle. i’ve had to let a lot of my standards slide, and in the end, i think i’m a little more relaxed/less neurotic because of it.  i mean, when the labels of the bottles in my fridge didn’t all face the same way for the first time, and the world kept spinning along normally, well… it’s just interesting how things (ie. how i) have changed over the years.

but the messy situation was reaching critical, and with the fun summer behind us, a sort and tidy was in order. i drew my own images to label the bins (shh, don’t tell my neglected label maker) using adobe ideas . (adobe ideas is a free application for the iphone and ipad, and i’ve previously written about how i used it to create my blog header and other images.)

here is the pdf of my supply labels for your personal use if you wish. click the image to view the pdf (resize if needed), then print.

free pdf of label supplies

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No Time For Flash Cards

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13 Responses to free pdf of arts and crafts supply labels

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  2. Van says:

    Your labels are so pretty! I am going to print and use these at the homestead this weekend, as I continue to embark on the never-ending decluttering spree! We need all the help we can get for this end-of-the-year purging :)

  3. Thank you, Ana! I’m always happy to have new labels, and hand-drawn ones as pretty as yours are a bonus.

  4. I would have to agree, i am somewhere in the middle of where i can create – medium disorder of craft supplies around with children scattered among them, if they are quiet & happy, less distraction & away i can sew. Love Posie

  5. Corey says:

    So pretty!

  6. Jess says:

    I love them! Maybe I should become a labeler just so I can use them! :)

  7. Estivalia says:

    these are too cute! I need an organized desk to create, too. At least when I start, because after, when the work is done, it’s CHAOS : P

  8. imadeitso says:

    thanks for the nice comments. they were so much fun to make. (posie and estivalia, i’m the same!)

  9. ~*~Patty says:

    sounds and looks like you are VERY organized…I never quite get to the labeling portion of cleaning up … I seem to find so many treasures and bits of inspiration in the process of tidying that I get distracted and start playing … I manage pretty well in creative chaos, but do admire those that are neat and tidy … maybe in my next life LOL!

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  11. six plus + says:

    thank u its so cute.

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