weekend in a nutshell

i almost had a finished scarf to share, but i took my crocheting with me on a visit with family and forgot it behind. it’s a gift, and it was so close to being done, but i guess it will remain there until i can get it back.

speaking of gifts, if you celebrate the holidays, have you started your gift-making or buying yet? so many in blogland are so very keen and organized, and are almost done making, blogging and sharing everything! yeesh. it’s like they’re working for the fashion industry, strutting their spring 2011 collection already when i’m just pulling out the old wooly sweaters.  you don’t have to worry about feeling behind when you’re with me though. i’m right there with you, real-time, wysiwyg. (ie. scrambling at the last minute — it’s way more fun this way, no?)

i have been working on some of my favourite, seasonal and simple recipes though, and i’m looking forward to writing about some of those this week.

and if you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that i had an idea and i’m excited to be running with it. i’ll be sharing details this friday so stick around. if you have a blog, or you enjoy reading blogs, you may want to join me then. here’s a hint…

ana in a swim cap

i’m wearing a swim cap. it’s a terrible clue, you’ll never guess! :-)

(can’t wait!)

p.s. subscribers to my blog, the email notifications for new posts haven’t been going through this past week. thanks for letting me know, and for being patient.

public service announcement

techie stuff isn’t my forte.

but i think i’ve figured out the problem. there was some update or other, and you don’t really need to know the details other than to please check your junkmail folder, and if my messages are in there, mark them as “not junk.”

please let me know if you’re still having trouble.

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vintage scroll used in the public service announcement provided by vintage feed sack.
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19 Responses to weekend in a nutshell

  1. Jane says:

    I’m always so happy when I see a post from you. I love your blog, and am looking forward to hearing about your great idea (and your holiday recipes!) (oh, and the scarf too!).

  2. i haven’t started working on holiday gifts yet… i’ve been too focused on etsy related things and more immediate life events! glad to know that i’m not the only one. i do need to figure out what i’m making for my mother-in-law. ideas???

    • imadeitso says:

      my mum-in-law was just sharing something she sewed this week. it was a removable organizer for her purse. so it looked like a small bunch of pockets, different dimensions and some with zippers… all customized to fit her phone, wallet, etc. so everything had a space. she pops this into her purse to organize everything, but the beauty is that she can take the whole thing out and move it all together to another purse. maybe you’ve seen things like this? it was sort of like this one, but a bit more compact and without the handles. i’m sure you could whip something up with some of your fabulous fabric.

  3. I use to make gifts for everyone, baskets, clothes, clay thingys, bake goodies, all sorts of things. These days I don’t make gifts and I hardly give gifts, at the appropriate gift-giving time anyway, birthdays maybe and then those birthday celebrations can last two weeks so I guess I do gift. Last gift was because I was talking with a very dear friend from Jr. High School and she made a comment about not being able to find an old Sandra Dee movie, I found it on line and had it mailed to her all the while we were talking, that made me happy! When she recieved the movie she texted me that it made her day, that made me happy again! Okay maybe I’ve made a few things for my granddaughter, I guess I need to re-evaluate ;)

    And, Ana thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog.

    • imadeitso says:

      i like what you said about finding that right gift for someone else making *you* happy. i’m the same… i recently found a glassware pattern that someone i know has been collecting for sentimental reasons (their mom’s wedding pattern), and i found a whole set in great condition at the thrift store. i’d been looking for almost a year! i came home, cleaned them up, am about to wrap them up for christmas and i’m just so giddy about the whole thing! :)

  4. I haven’t started any shopping or making yet, and I’ll be honest. I feel pretty good that I’m even considering what I’m making for Thanksgiving dinner! Whew, the holidays are coming fast this year!

  5. Oh that’s too bad about the scarf! Hopefully you will get it asap and be able to finish it for gifting. I started a scarf LAST year for my man and just found it in my closet recently, unfinished of course. Maybe this will be the year to get it done ;) About Christmas, I am with you girl. No worries, I won’t rush. Have a great day!

    • imadeitso says:

      oh i’ve had plenty of those sort of projects too. and i know i’m not alone. the craft section of thrift stores are full of half finished projects, some with needles still attached. it makes me giggle, only because i know that feeling of frustration of wanting to sometimes chuck a project out the window.

  6. Sadly, I’ve been so busy at work lately, that if I can “make dinner so” I’m happy! But I always make time to drop by the blog, Ana. There is something very warm and welcoming about visiting here.

    • imadeitso says:

      one day, you’ll get to make dinner so, blog it so, or do whatever you want so. i look forward to that, but til then, thanks for making the time to visit me here. shucks :)

  7. Dvora Geller says:

    None finished here yet, though must start shopping soon. I have a couple of knitted things on the way. Also found some beautiful yarns here so might need to plan a couple more small gifts.

  8. Looking forward to seeing what you have for us on Friday :) Also, I seem to be getting updates just fine :)

  9. ella says:

    Can’t wait to see what you’re up to ;)

  10. ~*~Patty says:

    we have cut way back on gift giving … and baking too actually … it’s never good to be home alone surrounded by cookie tins ;) … back in the day I would make a couple dozen different kinds of cookies = I KNOW! lots were given away … still too much temptation and yumminess around

    you have me in suspense about your project Ana

  11. Halima says:

    Sweet swim cap, you’ve got me intrigued Anna. I look forward to see what you are “cooking-up” too.

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