friday archive dive

friday archive dive

you know, i am enjoying these so much. i really like reading different takes on a given theme. last week’s topic was “gratitude” — the posts shared ranged from subtle, sweet, poignant, helpful, to just plain funny. thanks for sharing, reading, and visiting each other. it’s very cool to see…

this week, a new topic. and now, the little linky tool down below allows you to add a thumbnail photo to your submission. ok, here we go…

share a post from your blog archives. read. enjoy. comment if you like. you can copy the code below if you want to spread the word. you can add links ’til monday.

jump in, the water is nice!

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14 Responses to friday archive dive

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  2. e l l a says:

    furry friends?
    That is challenging my friend (does my brother in law count ;)
    I still feel like tagging along – how about this – I will add a furry friend to my collection one day – deal?
    Check out my post today – I think you will like it!!!

    PS. It has those giveaway details I promised ;)

    • imadeitso says:

      i was about to click your other link above, ella, but i got distracted by the pyrex ;) (and too funny, thanks for the headsup… i’ve got my peeps scouring the net for free pyrex for me! haha.)

  3. How do you know so much fancy computer stuff. I’m super jealous.
    Love, Camille

    • imadeitso says:

      hi camille, i think you have me mistaken with someone else :P do you mean the link thing? it’s very easy to set one up. i use inlinkz and they have great technical support. ask me if you have a specific question, i’ll try and help.

  4. Estivalia says:

    yay! I couldn’t find a post for last week’s prompt, and I was sure story was going to repeat itself this one, but I just found a post with kitties :D

    Please consider “feathered friends” as a prompt for another week, I’d have lots to share of those! : P

  5. thursday says:

    This week I’m adding a cute little story about flashing my neighbour and being a superhero to cats. Enjoy ;)

  6. ~*~Patty says:

    I did find a furry friend at my Magpie’s Nest afterall…but failed in posting a photo ;(

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