friday archive dive: oops

friday archive dive
this week’s topic was inspired by two readers, jane with “bad haircuts/bad hair day” and googiemomma with “craft fails.” thank you both.

these little guys can be our mascots for this week’s dive:

sheep and frog that didn't go as planned

(to see more sheep illustrations, click here)

if you want to add your idea for an upcoming archive dive, share it.

if you’re new here, welcome! feel free to play along…

share a post from your blog archives related to the topic below (remember to link to the actual post, not just to your blog address). you can visit others who have shared their posts. copy the code below if you want to spread the word. links can be added ’til monday.

jump in, the water is nice!

friday archive dive logo

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9 Responses to friday archive dive: oops

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  2. Tara Benwell says:

    Well, I couldn’t find an “Oops” from my personal blog, but I shared my second blog post ever from my blog for English learners. I love this “Oopsie Daisy” video. That reminds me, I still want to have you guest post your “busted” story.

  3. Van says:

    It was hard for me to pick just ONE oops for this link share. Every time I post I make an “oops”. I realize, “crap, I forgot to add this link”, or I see the glaring typos, or I realize it wasn’t the right time for that post and I should have waited/tried harder/researched more….

    ANYWAY- the post I chose is a cooking “oops”, I tried to make delicious raw-food recipes and failed miserably. Beyond that, I see this as a failure at writing good content. This was when I was at my busiest and just posted without much thought and consideration for any reader. I blogged to get in the habit of it. Additionally, the camera used in this post was a mistake to invest in. It SUCKED :D

    What’s YOUR “oops” post, Ana?

  4. Jane says:

    I just linked up with the worst haircut my little boy has ever had. :-)

  5. Shara says:

    No personal “oops” this week, but I’ve enjoyed everybody’s funny one’s!

  6. stacey says:

    Hello- I am new to your blog I found it on from the Pyrex blog! I LOVED you Pyrex Post . . . my feelings exactly:) I am going to go find an Oops & join in on the fun-(a little late) Have a nice weekend!

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