thrifted like the wolf sweater (with a side of priorities)

i rarely buy clothing second-hand. it’s not because i’m a snob. i rarely buy clothing at all. have you tried that whole change-room thing with little ones in tow? if you have, you’ll know what i mean. if not, then i’m sure you have a fabulous wardrobe. by “fabulous”, i mean pretty much anything beyond my these-yoga-pants-and-this-tank-top-are-faded-enough-to-match-right?

i’m sure there is a happy medium in there somewhere, and i’m not suggesting that moms can’t look fabulous — but it’s all about priorities, and mine go something like this, in no particular order:

  • coffee
  • kids/family
  • being active
  • creative time
  • am i wearing pants

5 checkmarks and i’m on top of the world! watch out.

as i was saying…i rarely buy second-hand clothing. i’m too busy hunting for vintage pyrex or falling in love with old couches like a ninny. but this summer, i traveled out to toronto and visited the old stomping grounds of kensington market. if you ever visit toronto, take time to seek out this little neighbourhood. there are fresh open markets, curious little mom and pop shops, the best cheese store in town, a yarn shop, little cafés and restaurants nestled away, and a scattering of reasonably priced vintage clothing stores.

in one of those shops there, i found a sweater that i could not resist. it’s black, with diagonal yellow stripes à la platinum blonde.

need i say more? i’ll say more — made in canada. sadly, that is a rarity these days.

thrifted like the wolf sweater from the 1980s

the only things missing are the shoulder pads. and feathered hair. but…who has time for that? i’m too busy drawing sheep

{i’m sharing this post with selena and her readers at apron thrift girl.}

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29 Responses to thrifted like the wolf sweater (with a side of priorities)

  1. i take ‘am I wearing pants’ a little more seriously – mine is ‘am i suitably dressed’ – i don’t wanna be wandering round the shops in my jim jam pants!

    Like the new header with the tree and the well, headless ana? ;D

  2. Corey says:

    We forget pants here all the time. You go, Pat Benatar!

  3. Laura says:

    I’m terrible about NOT trying on clothing at thrift stores, but buying items anyway. More often than not, the clothing I’ve bought fits and is suitable, but there have been times that a garment was not meant to be bought by me – so I just donate it back to the store.

  4. DogsMom says:

    I believe I have NEVER seen any article of clothing made in Canada, except perhaps some Olympic memorabilia. What manufacturing is Canada known for? Besides crystal head vodka?
    Oh my American public school education!

    • imadeitso says:

      manufacturing in canada began with flour mills in 1600s (yes, i had to look that up), and there is a lot that is still “made in canada” today, including but not limited to good beer, maple syrup, musicians and comedians. i’m not making light of it, though, and it’s such a great question that i think i’m going to dedicate my canada day post on just this (ok, so it’s 7 months away… gives me time to research). i think the story gets a bit muddled, because while there things made IN canada, they may be non-canadian companies who own it, or things which are canadian-owned but produced or sourced elsewhere. in the meantime, to read my take on the canadian handmade tradition, read this post i wrote a little while ago. it’s a topic i think about often and could talk about constantly! :)

  5. I rarely find clothing at thrift stores but I am pretty hard to buy for I guess lol I remember the days of having little ones in tow and how difficult is was to do just about anything for myself ;)

  6. This one made me laugh at loud today! “am I wearing pants” Love it! ;)

  7. Amanda says:

    I love that sweater! And yes, I think it will look great with some black yoga pants ;)

  8. Van says:

    Oh, it is a beautiful sweater! I feel your pain on thrifting for clothing. Clothing shopping is low on the priority scale, I work in an office so replacing the clothes I dog-out is an unfortunate necessity. I have lofty plans to bring a clothing-loving friend to rummage the clothes for me (and herself) while I look for art, books, comic books, and strange things :)

    I need to visit Toronto…in the summer. I would die upon exposure to the cold up there! I know it :D

  9. e l l a says:

    hmmm funny I have the same list of 5 things. lol.
    I hear you with the shopping, it hasn’t been the same since giving birth ;)
    I do enjoy the occasional shopping therapy and alone time (together) at the nearest winners ;)
    Haven’t been to kensington market yet – I do hear great things!
    PS. the sweater looks fabulous on you. great find.

  10. e l l a says:

    PS. cute new wintery banner ;)
    love the little red birdie.

  11. Marti says:

    Love the new banner. Very cute :)

  12. imadeitso says:

    thanks for the comments about the header. i think the little birdie and my head are not visible in some browsers, so i’ll need to adjust things around. i’ll also try not to take it personally that some of you thought the lower portion of the body in the new header was that of a snowman. ahem ;)

  13. Shara says:

    I had a sweater similar to that in high school–I think my yearbook Jr. picture was taken in that Joan Jett looking thing!

    • imadeitso says:

      love that! all the cool kids had sweaters like this (i didn’t. i think mine might’ve had reindeer or something on them)… you should dig up that photo shara!

  14. googiemomma says:

    see now i thought it was a “hungry like the wolf” reference…ya know, duran duran….i’m not familiar with the other band you mentioned. my knowledge of canadian rock pretty much stops at the guess who. :)
    and the answer to #5, well, for me? probably not. makes for some awkwardness when i answer the door.

    • imadeitso says:

      no no googs! you were right the first time. i was just trying to squeeze in as much 80’s into the post as possible. tulle hair bows – acid wash jeans – miami vice – virgin bracelets. there i feel better.

      now about the other thing you mentioned… do i have to make you a mixed tape? ;) please tell me you’ve at least heard of rush? let’s talk more about this over coffee at your indoor cafe yes?

  15. bonnie says:

    I love you , Ima. That is all.

  16. Pants – check. Shoulder pads – nadda. Lol cute top!

  17. emily says:

    I’m from Port Hope, so I remember Kensington Market well!

    Great sweater btw, amazing that it was made in Canada.

  18. Lindsay Ann says:

    AHHHHH!! I LOVE it (well, the bit I can see anyways)!

    And now I totally have to check out that yarn shop!

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