something i’ll do more of in 2011.

before i jump into this post, i want to give thanks to sofia at sofia’s ideas for the kind mention on her blog recently. i’ve written in the past about how awkward i am at accepting blog awards, but i didn’t want it to pass without expressing my sincere appreciation. it’s always nice to be thought of, and even nicer to be written about with such generous words. thank you sofia.


do you make resolutions? i am not one to make formal resolutions. new year’s day is a new beginning, true. but it’s only that because of the conventions we use to mark the passage of time.  different cultures have different times of year when this beginning happens.

that said, the symbolism behind a calendar year ending and a new one beginning isn’t entirely lost on me. it is a convenient time to reflect, but i guess i’m saying there’s no reason why we can’t have a new beginning each time the sun rises. inspiration can happen at any time, right? we can summon our enthusiasm and tackle new things throughout the year.

i try to remember that.

i realized something a few weeks ago. i was working on a drawing when mr.madeItSo walked into the room and asked, “what are you smiling about?”

i looked up from the paper, surfacing from whatever world i was lost within. i was smiling? now, that tells me something: not only do i love to draw, but apparently, it makes me happy.

a simple but often difficult quest, isn’t it, to do that which makes you happy? usually the “doing” is the hard part, with all the demands we have on any given day. i’ve hardly reached enlightenment but i am going to pursue this in the year ahead and see where it takes me.

on a related note, i got photoshop creative suite 5 over the holidays along with a giant manual. the paper kind. technical computer stuff intimidates me, and yet, i don’t want to shut out a whole realm of creative tools just because i think it’s too complicated. i have gotten as far as i can using the applications i’ve shared here before. they have been a good introduction to digital imaging and manipulation.

but i want to create more. and i want to share. and since my outlet for sharing is primarily online, i need to step up and learn the best ways to do this.

seasoned photoshop people, please have a giggle: i am on page 31 of 800+ … if i’ve gone quiet, you’ll know where i am.  but be a dear and send one of those rescue dogs, with a barrel of coffee tied to its neck?

rescue dog with barrel

yes, one of those will do.

perhaps the next time you see that dog, he’ll be a 3D technicolor vision of lifelike realism which will leave you in awe of my newfound photoshop skills. or at the very least, i’ll learn how to crop out my to-do list (and that scribbly-bit you do when your pen’s ink isn’t flowing at first).  baby steps.

not long after my realization above, i opened a fortune cookie and found this…

and then this…

fortune cookie wisdom

which to me means… draw. lots. if it makes you happy.

(and cut back on the take-out food already!)

maybe i do make resolutions afterall.

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25 Responses to something i’ll do more of in 2011.

  1. Jess says:

    I’ve never had such meaningful fortunes come out of the cookies around here!

  2. Tara Benwell says:

    I love this post! You make my “take a multivitamin a day with a glass of milk” resolution seem so dull. Drawing makes me happy too. I prefer to draw with other people (these days it’s my kids). When I was a kid we always drew in the tent trailer. My dad used to get so frustrated because we were supposed to be “camping”! Yesterday I painted Rapunzel’s tower. Give that one a try! It’s fun. BTW-My nieces were so happy with their pencil crayons. Thank you so much for your suggestion, complete with the map to Curry’s. It was an amazing store. It was Christmas Eve and I had the whole place to myself.

    Maybe I should make a resolution to write shorter comments on iMadeitso’s blog. :) You just inspireMe so!

  3. I love your drawings and I can’t wait for you to start showing off your Photoshop skills ;)

  4. I love resolutions – making them, keeping them, discarding them: the circle of life!

    This year, mine include more hand-written letters, more time with my mother-in-law and her sister (both live with us) more long walks and more baked potatoes.

    Less worrying, less time on the computer, less judging, less cholesterol.

    More cake, more photography, more prayer, more music.

    • imadeitso says:

      i like your attitude, and that bit about “discarding them” as sometimes being a normal part of the process. makes the whole act of making them a little less intimidating.

  5. ~*~Patty says:

    Again I agree with your take on things Ana….not being a list maker…I feel I am always fine tuning my consciousness and awareness…the last couple of years I have chosen a word for the year and that has been been fun and thought provoking…last year’s word was PLAY … this year’s is AUTHENTIC
    And YES do more of what delights you and makes you smile!

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks patty. i hadn’t heard of the word for the year til i saw you mention it, and now i’m seeing it everywhere. you trendsetter you!

      and about fine tuning, i Love this line from a kate bush song: ‘you are just like water, you flow around all that comes your way’… oh to be as flexible as water. or kate bush even. :)

  6. Alyssa says:

    I don’t make resolutions either, but this year I have. I do think I’m going to make a list though – a wish list. Kind of like the resolution that you seem to have made. ;) That way I can get beyond the ‘have-to’s and get some of the ‘want-to’s done. Those often seem to fall by the wayside too easily.

    You use an ipad, yes? Have you ever had a Wacom? I’m seriously thinking it might be a great way to do some digital drawing. . .

  7. You’ll enjoy your new creative tools. I’m on CS3, but getting ready to leap into 5. Just remember you don’t need to master everything they can do all at once :-) I’m really wanting to learn how to work with curves much better this year.

  8. Sarah says:

    I second Alyssa’s comment re: the tablet – I can’t draw to save my life, but Scott got me a tablet last year (he was on a gadget-buying-frenzy!) and I can see how it would be a great way to draw and sketch in Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Your non-resolution to do more of the things that make you happy is eerily similar to mine. Simplifying and finding time for the people and actions that make my heart happy. Bring it on, 2011.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork!!

  9. LOL! I know what you mean, it does feel like chain mail sometimes (which btw, I am also doomed for many things because I dont participate) but I always want to honor the tradition and express my gratitude too. :)

    Anyhow, would you believe that this is my first year being resolution free? My only resolution was to NOT write resolutions. I usually start early, and end up with about 5-12 PAGES of them. OCD, much? But this year, I am so proud of myself, because I finally realized that self-education and personal growth are things that I am naturally drawn to and I dont need to write resolutions or set unattainable goals. My famil and I are all the happier because of it! :)

  10. Keep on drawing Ana…..we love what you do!
    I’m so impressed you are reading a manual; I have an aversion to them. DH just bought me a new camera and said I MUST read the instructions…….mmmm maybe ;-)
    Love those cookie quotes (you obviously buy good quality :-) )
    I think I’ll note down the first one…..
    Linda x
    PS I had Patty down as a list-maker…..just shows how wrong you can be :-)

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks linda. it’s actually a little old-school to read a text since everything is online… but that’s how i learn best. years of lugging around giant textbooks i guess :) just the thought of flipping back and forth between windows on the computer made me a little dizzy. and the book is so well written. it’s this one if anyone is curious.

      and patty surprised me too!

  11. e l l a says:

    Ana, go for it!
    Is all I can say ;)
    Practice practice and have fun in between.
    As for digital drawing – I don’t do much of it for fun only for work but I do use Illustrator a lot.
    Photoshop only for photo editing – somehow it was never a user friendly program for me – but I’m learning to love it. I am seeing a lot of drawings done in Photoshop and I could see all the blending options and filters to be very helpful (which illustrator doesn’t have).
    A wacom is very helpful but it’s another investment. You don’t need all that stuff right away.
    Cudos to you for reading the manual – I never have for any program and I know I take twice as long to get things done if I just referred to a manual. It’s a bit of a stubborn nature in me ;)
    All the best for the New Year.
    These fortune cookies never lie ;)
    Go for it! You already have a natural knack for it ;)

    • imadeitso says:

      i’ve seen some artwork drawn in ink, then scanned and coloured in photoshop. it’s amongst the things i’d like to try. i’m pretty sure the cs5 package i got has a version of illustrator too, so i will get to try that out as well.

      thanks for your advice and tips, ella. your photos are always beautiful.

  12. e l l a says:

    One more thing, as for those avatar squares on your blog –
    you’re right they do come out so neat and orderly on your blog…. trust me, it is not so in real life. Funny how little symbols get applied to us, I think I would like to be neat and orderly – so it’s a good reminder to work on that each time I see the little blue diamonds all aligned neatly in a square ;) xo

  13. Lindsay Ann says:

    Oh fabulous! It is always amazing to find something you love!

  14. maryanne says:

    I also got Creative Suite 5, and I’m LOST! Please let me know if you find a bettter resource than that huge manual?

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