friday archive dive ~ favourite post

archive dive

this week’s topic was contributed by estivalia. if you want to add topic ideas for these dives, leave a comment here.

i think we can all find something to share this week. i’ll have to think about mine, too…

have fun sharing and visiting others. to spread the word, here’s the button:

friday archive dive logo

alright, you… no not you…the one in the back, looking concerned. yeah, you. are you new here? welcome! this is just a fun thing we do here on fridays. basically, go digging into your blog archives and share a post that is related to the week’s topic. link it up. visit others if you wish. add the cute button of the lovely gal in a swimsuit (well you don’t have to but i think it’s a nice bit of bloggy bling and it took me to get that swim cap on, those things are impossible!)… and that’s it! jump in, the water is nice :-)

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31 Responses to friday archive dive ~ favourite post

  1. Thanks for hosting this, this is my first time participating! :)

  2. ~*~Patty says:

    Oh MY, this one won’t be easy….but fun…I will have to think on it!
    Happy Friday ! oxo

  3. googiemomma says:

    i was reading back over some old posts yesterday, so this is a perfect topic for me today!
    of course, picking my “favorite” post is like picking my “favorite” child…and we all know good mommas don’t DO that….ahem…
    but the one i linked did give me a pretty good chuckle when i re-read it yesterday.
    i’m not exactly sure what i spiked my coffee with that day ;)

    • imadeitso says:

      that’s my favourite of yours too! the look on that egg’s face is brilliant. (don’t you wish you could spike your coffee with the same thing again? sometimes while writing, ideas fall into place so nicely!)

  4. googiemomma says:

    oh, and
    p.s. thanks for making the buttons bigger! :) now i’m not googiemo


    p.p.s. still can’t make the button work? i saved it as a picture and put it on my post with a separate link…kay?

    • imadeitso says:

      googiemo, as if you needed another nickname! :)

      i don’t know why the button works for some and not others. of course that’s fine the way you have it but i wish it was as easy as cut-and-paste. booo. ideas anyone??

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I had more than one fave, so I simply shared my most popular post; it is one of my favorites, too, so that worked well. :) Charmstruck is a newer blog and this is my first time getting to archive dive! Been following for quite a few Fridays though– it’s very fun and spontaneous! Can’t wait to read everyone’s favorites! :)

  6. thursday says:

    This wasn’t an easy one, but if I really think about it this is the post that I often come back to.

    Happy Friday Ms Ana!

    • imadeitso says:

      oh yes, i remember that one :) the hard-to-write, honest from deep down ones stay with you… and you had such a great response from your readers. that was nice.

      happy friday to you too!

  7. Van says:

    I love how this Archive Dive forced us to be thoughtful. What it made me realize is that although I’m putting a LOT and even THOUGHT into each of my blog posts, I’m not putting my heart and soul into each one. This is a HUGE problem. I must resolve to put soul into everything I write. I skimmed my archives until I happened upon a post I worked hard on. I linked to my review of a favorite local art event I never miss. I spent a while choosing the right images I took of the show, editing my content, and making the matching graphic to go with it all.

    I almost chose a recent post on a big thrift haul though because it took me many hours between thrifting for the items, documenting them in a spreadsheet, cleaning the items, taking pictures, and then writing and editing my thoughts at the end.

    Now, on to read everyone else’s favorites!

    • imadeitso says:

      what a thoughtful comment and thoughtful approach to this dive. it’s interesting to think about what makes a post our favourite and what strikes a chord with the reader. i think often, it’s what you said…about putting your heart and soul into it. interesting, thanks van.

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  9. ~*~Patty says:

    well I did it ;)
    thanks for another fun dive missy!

  10. Estivalia says:

    yay! thanks for picking my theme : D I though that’d be a tricky one and looks like I wsn’t mistaken LOL. Now I’ll go dive into my archives to see what I find <3

  11. what a great idea for a blog feature! it was indeed tricky picking one post. i ended up choosing one that commemorates my love for knitting & the growth that i have gained from the craft & friendships stemming from it.

  12. i’ve been a bit cheeky since i couldn’t decide on a favourite and used this to show my myeloma buddies – they are for charity so it’s not technically self promotion! and you only have to look and bear them in mind for future reference – wow i’d make a really rubbish sales person! :D

    • imadeitso says:

      why you cheeky little…oh. i can’t say anything mean, those things are so cute. i like how you can order them with their hands in different positions, “cutie under the chin” haha. how long have you been making and selling them paula? thank you for spreading the word.

      • hi ana – i checked back because i know you are so polite you normally respond to everybody and just in case i’d got a slap on the wrist ;D i’ve been doing them since March 2010 and raised about £400 ($635 in your money – i think)!

  13. caren says:

    That felt just fine, diving in!
    It was nigh impossible to find a favourite post… but I landed on the one about Happiness because it’s what I need to be reminded of right now. About the simple joys: a dog, a friend, laughter, love. :)

  14. Victoria says:

    These are fun! I’ve also found some great new blogs now. :)

  15. Halima says:

    This was fun! Echoing Van’s comment made me realize I need to put a bit ‘more’ into my posts too. The ones I revisit are also those I’ve poured myself into.

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