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archive dive

last week’s dive was an interesting one for me. the topic was “favourite post” and through reading all the entries that came rolling in over the weekend, i realized a couple of things…

first, there are a lot of talented bloggers who pass through here and share little snippets of their lives with us. sometimes those snippets are about the little things. sometimes they encompass the big, passionate and heavy things. regardless, you put it out there, and that’s not always an easy thing to do. i admire the passion behind the writing, and it came through as i read the favourite posts.

second, these dives have taken on a life of their own.  what started out of purely selfish reasons has turned into so much more. the comments left about why certain posts were chosen touch on exactly what i mean. here are just a few …

“I love how this Archive Dive forced us to be thoughtful. What it made me realize is that although I’m putting a LOT and even THOUGHT into each of my blog posts, I’m not putting my heart and soul into each one. This is a HUGE problem. I must resolve to put soul into everything I write.” ~ Van

“It was nigh impossible to find a favourite post… but I landed on the one about Happiness because it’s what I need to be reminded of right now.” ~Caren

“…made me realize I need to put a bit ‘more’ into my posts too. The ones I revisit are also those I’ve poured myself into.” ~Halima

i think this sharing of ideas inspires us to continue sharing and expecting more from ourselves as writers and bloggers.  whether you blog or not, you make a difference by being here.

it’s kind of like this, if i may draw an analogy. this place on its own is like homer. colourful, loveable, fun, if not slightly self-absorbed (what? it’s the nature of blogging, it’s all about meee ;-))…

homer simpson 2d image

but with you here, it’s…

3d homer simpson image

…yep. 3D homer. just look at how learn’ed he looks!

{images belong to matt groening/the simpsons/fox network or some combination of their lawyers, i’m really not sure…}

the point is, you add another dimension just by being here. how cool is that?

very. so thank you.

and with that, this week’s topic was contributed by alyssa. share your link if you’ve got something.  you can add submissions til monday.

to spread the word, here’s the button:

friday archive dive logo

alright alright, let’s get diving already!

(really ana? 3D homer??)

what’s wrong with that?

(oh nothing i guess. i just didn’t realize your bloggy passion lay in a fictitious slothy cartoon character possessing a dubious moral standard and questionable parenting tactics…but whatever. i guess it’s as you say, “chacun à son goût!”)

oh zip it, toots!

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8 Responses to archive dive time ~ blog friends

  1. I love the generosity and hospitality of the Archive Dive. Like the best hostess, you’ve created a beautiful space and invited your friends to come and meet each other and share stories. Great party, Ana!

  2. Tara Benwell says:

    I totally agree with what Jo said. You are an amazing hostess. I think of this blog as a little cafe where we would all be sitting around with our knitting needles or sketchbooks and comparing photos of our wee ones or crafts.

  3. Van says:

    PERFECT analogy with 2D Homer and 3D Homer (My god, I want to watch that hilarious episode now. Love it ends with porn cakes!) Interacting in this community, inspiring, and being inspired has made us all grow so much. We write better, take better pictures, craft faster.

    I shared a post where my friends Cheryl and Mike spent hours with me remaking my dining room table with contact paper. I’m going to write an introduction to these two of my blog soon. They’re my go-to crafting, art-making, thrifting, and dumpster-diving friends, by now we’re a true Thrift Clique. (Thrift Mafia ? :)

  4. I haven’t been reading terribly timely lately so haven’t gotten to play along too much recently, but I love having some guidance on pulling out some older blog posts. So, thank you!

    I chose a post where some friends came over for some crafting fun and good food. I don’t think any of them blog, but we all met because of a knitting group I started just after I began knitting again which I promoted via my blog. So, even though they don’t blog we met because of my blog and that allowed us to have our fun Crafternoon :-)

  5. My post isn’t ABOUT blog friends but it was inspired by one – a friend I’ve never met, but who has become an important part of my life and whose work and delightful take on all that she does makes me think, laugh and grow.

    Archive Dive Zindabad!

  6. Alyssa says:

    Ana, this is such a great link party – always! I’m resolving to spend more time on getting my posts into it from this coming Friday onwards. Thanks for hosting it.

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks everyone. and alyssa, no worries… i know that’s the nature of it, some weeks you’ve got something to share, other weeks, you just read along. looking forward to having you here!

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