friday archive dive ~ button(s)

archive dive


i’ll stay on theme this week. share what you’ve got, just remember to link up to your actual post on this topic, not just your blog url. you can add links ’til monday.

here’s the button (ahem) to help spread the word…

friday archive dive logo

(you can copy the code above and paste it somewhere pretty)

if you don’t have something for this week or if you don’t blog, please take a moment and read some of the submissions from last week’s “woolly” dive. there were some last-minute entries worth reading.

i’m looking forward to this week’s posts. have a good weekend!

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12 Responses to friday archive dive ~ button(s)

  1. i love buttons too. i have, as you do, acquired a collection over the years, and had to force myself away from a jar of prepackaged buttons in a craft shop – i just wanted them because they looked so pretty in the jar! :D

  2. Van says:

    Looking forward to seeing button posts :)

    I did a search on my blog and didn’t find much on buttons, I linked to a terrible old and confusing post about how my favorite city to thrift/play in, St. Augustine, looks exactly like a video game city “Twilight Town”…

    …The thread to buttons is that it contains a picture of a museum with lots of cool old button collections. That museum is sheer beauty in general, I highly recommend it. (Lightner Museum).

  3. ~*~Patty says:

    Button Button
    oh yes
    I’ve got buttons…
    in jars and tins and…
    thank you for another great dive dear Ana

  4. e l l a says:

    I’ve got nothing to share in the archives but I did just pick up a bag of vintage buttons yesterday! I’ve got no idea what I will do with them – maybe they’ll just look pretty in a jar ;)
    but I think you ana were behind this purchasing decision ;)

  5. Jo Chopra says:

    Not being a crafty type like all you amazing ladies, my archive dive is, as usual, a stretch, but BUTTONS do make a brief appearance! I love reading about what you all do, ana and your friends – it’s inspiring, and somehow a comfort.

    • imadeitso says:

      i really enjoy the posts that are a stretch! it’s interesting to follow the common thread through all these posts each week. thanks so much for sharing.

  6. caren says:

    I don’t have enough posts on my blog about buttons; must remedy that! I did dive in and find an early post about an art project, where I sewed some buttons on the piece.
    p.s. I always forget to name my Dive link something appropriate – I named it my name (caren) instead of naming it the post’s title. oops!

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