friday archive dive ~ text, tile, textile

archive dive

first of all, thanks to tammy for suggesting a fix for the archive dive button for “blogger” users. it should work now!

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get the button, copy the code:

this week’s topic is a bit of a play on words. do with it what you will. all the talk about quilts and fabric got me thinking…

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11 Responses to friday archive dive ~ text, tile, textile

  1. Oh, this topic is right up my alley! I searched and searched through my archives for something juuust right and I think I found it: a little bit of text about a lotta bit of textile! (Which is still not done…le sigh.) Someday, someday!

  2. 'Joyce' says:

    oh how lovely, I am going to try and find time to dig down for this one. Have a wonderful weekend at your place and I look forward to visiting the other ‘dive’ blogs.

  3. Van says:

    Mine has “text”- I was inspired by the text on a vintage game board I rescued fromthe dumpster. :) I love your archive dives, always fun to find something that fits the theme.

  4. I blog about textiles of some sort or another often :-) But I dug back to the year when I did a fair bit of sewing to share a skirt I made for my sister.

    • imadeitso says:

      as much as i like reading about your knitting, it’s nice to get a peek into any one of your many other talents. thanks for sharing this week, kristi.

  5. Jacqueline says:

    My dive has the hand written “text” of my Grandpa’s 1st grade teacher. I was so excited to find this certificate in my mom’s basement.

    P.S. The cows & chickens on that quilt of yours are absolutely adorable! :)

  6. Jo Chopra says:

    Oh, this theme really inspired me! I’ve loved everyone else’s posts, and wrote a special one just to be able to participate. Thanks for that!

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