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i was asked to share a blog post for, a website that allows people to learn english online. anyone can join, and it’s a really active and supportive community for those wishing to learn and improve their english. i have worked in the past as a teacher’s aide in an english-as-a-second-language class and i was more than happy to help out this time.

the post i shared with them was the story of chippie (you might have read it here before) which helped to illustrate a figure of speech. check it out here!

thanks tara for the opportunity to share with everyone. and if you’re visiting here from englishclub, thanks so much! i hope you’ll take a look around. if you liked chippie’s tale, you might also enjoy this one :-)

p.s. i am available for a limited number of guest posts on other blogs. if you think i might be a good fit for your readers, drop me a line and we’ll chat.

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2 Responses to my guest post on

  1. ~*~Patty says:

    never fails to amaze me all that is available on the net
    very nice of you to participate in the English on Line program with your special story telling…just perfect Ana!

    Happy April
    Happy Spring
    Happy Happy Everything!


  2. Tara Benwell says:

    Thanks for sharing this Ana! Your post is very popular already. It really is a fun story and a great way to learn a new word. I don’t think anyone who reads it will ever forget how to use the word “busted”. I didn’t know that you had worked as a teacher’s aide in an ESL class. Would love to hear more about this experience!

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