answering your questions: my camera & photos

i usually respond to questions as they come in, but a few sometimes get away from me. i’m going to catch up on a couple of them this week.

in response to my post about buttons, googiemomma asked:

hey ana…what kind of lens/setup do you use for your closeup/macro shots? they’re so beautifully crystal clear.

(i left that last sentence in on purpose. admit it, you would too! ;-))

photographing close up macro

macro photo of buttons

thanks googs! my camera is a very basic one. i take all my photos without any special lenses or equipment.

as for how i get those close up shots? i… turn on the macro feature. then i get um… close. like real close. but not too close. (let me know when this starts being helpful.)

ok, seriously. i set the focus onto whatever it is i want to look crystal clear. automatic cameras like mine don’t offer the flexibility of focusing on the intended object manually, but i have been able to trick the lens into “seeing” something closer.

for example, if i set my macro and go to take a picture of a flower, the auto-focus feature sometimes bypasses the flower and focuses on the crumpled up leaf behind it instead. i’ve found that sometimes, placing my finger in front of the lens right beside whatever it is i want the camera to focus on allows the auto-focus to adjust onto my finger. then i take my finger away and take the photo of the flower, which is now in focus. then i press the button that makes the magic happen, and then i have my cup of coffee. not the other way around! a steady hand is probably the most important step. natural, diffuse light (like through a curtain, or clouds) also helps.

that’s it. i don’t do anything fancy (i’m recalling why i didn’t answer this one originally!) and i try to get the most out of whatever tools i already have.  one day, i may sew myself some fancy pants and go to the store and get an equally fancy pants camera to match. but ’til then, i’ll keep experimenting with the one i have…and continue to keep the good mistakes that happen along the way.

as for the technical specs of my camera, click this photo below to read what i originally wrote about it…

(click here if the photo link isn’t visible in your rss feed)

thanks for the question, googiemomma. so the short answer is:

  • no special lens
  • a steady hand
  • natural light
  • a good-enough macro feature on my camera

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11 Responses to answering your questions: my camera & photos

  1. Camille says:

    Oh the White Album. My second favorite. Abbey Road takes my top every time.
    I’m going to guess your favorite Beatle is John. I love John and his wacky wife.
    I’m finding knitting much more enjoyable now that I’m not super crappy ay it.
    Have you every watched RuPaul’s Drag Race on Oh how I wish I could make my self that hot! It’ s my new quilty pleasure. No more Perez Hilton for me!
    Love and lots of other intangable feeling, Camille

    • imadeitso says:

      haha camille… anyone looking in on this comment without knowing the background will be very confused. i’m glad you’re getting more comfortable with knitting… and too funny, quilty pleasure? i do love your quilts!

  2. Van says:

    Thanks for the hit. Your photos are beautiful. It’s never the equipment you use, it’s all about the artist’s creativity. Award winning photos can come from crappy cameras- hell, better photos might come from subpar equipment because it forces you to be creative to come up with awesome shots.

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks van, you’re so right. you might’ve seen the cool shots taken by old holga (toy) cameras, vignette-y with the light leaks and all. i wonder if have you found any holgas on your thrifty hunts…

  3. googiemomma says:

    okay, fine. now i just feel stupid. you could have come up with some reaaaalll complicated answer involving thousands of dollars worth of equipment and lighting and i would have found it a bit easier to deal with…”oh well, i don’t have that, so i’ll just enjoy her photos.”
    nope. you’re all “oh, i just have a p&s. and sometimes i wiggle my magic finger in front of it.”

    i jest. knowing there’s less “smoke and mirrors” behind the photos makes them that much more impressive.

  4. googiemomma says:

    oh yeah, and that first comment from camille? i was all what the what? did i not read the same post as she did?

  5. Jess says:

    just goes to show you that a great photographer can take a great photo with any kind of camera :)

  6. i have the same photography technique. macro + up CLOSE & personal.
    I also have pretty much the same camera. Mine is a slightly newer model I think. 950 or something like that. it has a fancy touch screen. I for sure need more practice with it.

  7. Jamie Worley says:

    Absolutely! Your shots are great, so you’re obviously doing what you ought to be doing right now. And you’ll love that fancy pants camera even more if you do buy yourself one someday!

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