sort of answering your questions: burlap

from daffodils to burlap? i know, how dull, but hang in there! there are so many creative ideas out there using burlap and reclaimed natural fibres like jute, hemp, flax and linen.

the other day, i mentioned that i got some burlap from a local grocer for an upcoming project.

burlap bag from grocery store

clearlytangled asked:

what are you going to do with the burlap?

i didn’t answer right away, because well, i’m not entirely quite sure yet. i have a few ideas i’m toying with but haven’t settled on one.

but while i’m here and so this isn’t a complete waste of your time, i thought i’d share that i’ve been collecting some crafty diy ideas involving burlap, jute, and similar materials on pinterest.

do you use pinterest? i’ve been using it for a few months now and i think i like it. actually, when i first started using it, i was a bit giddy find a way to organize ideas i come across online. but i didn’t want to rave about it prematurely. i’ve stuck with it for a few months (i signed up in november — i know! i’m leading edge!) and i’m ready to share it because it’s working for me. i’ve put the link to my pinterest account over there on the right, above my twitter birdy.

i use pinterest as a visual bookmarking tool when i come across projects, ideas, inspiration and so on. you know, because my to-do list isn’t long enough, i have to tack on things that i wish to make one day… when i retire from making all the stuff i already make and the list of things other people want me to make for them (not naming names, but if i hear “is my sweater done mommy? now? how ’bout now?” one more time, i just might… i don’t know… knit faster.)

but whatever. inspiration comes from strange places, and the web is probably the strangest of all. it’s nice to wrangle in some of it.

basically, if you come across something online that you want to “pin” on your pinterest board, you click on it and it allows you to choose an image to save, and it links the item automatically to the original page. others can see your pins, and repin them to their own boards if they like it. you can organize them onto different boards by category or however makes most sense to you.

i’ll warn you that there is a lot of wanty-ness on pinterest. like “oh i want this body!” (insert ridiculously photoshopped image) or “oh i want these shoes!” (insert spine-breakingly-high high heels) but hey. to each their own. i’m sure i’ll eventually have a board pinned with “oh i want this burlap! it’s so burlappy!”… oh wait…

let me know if you need an invitation to pinterest. i can hook you up, but i only have a few left.

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16 Responses to sort of answering your questions: burlap

  1. I’m loving Pinterest! It is a great way to keep track of inspiration without cluttering up the house :-) I hadn’t realized you were on there, but I’m following you now!

  2. I think I’m really going to like Pinterest, but I haven’t had time to investigate much yet – also, I do most of my web surfing on my iPad and I can’t figure out how to pin from it yet BUT I do see the potential for it to be a really fun, and useful, tool. Following you now :)

  3. Estivalia says:

    I’m on Pinterest too! and now, I’ve found myself in the need of more boards to better sort my pins lol.

    Oh, and I affectionaly call Pinterest my “vortex of procrastination* where all notion of schoolwork or productivity is lost”. I can spend hours on that thing.

    *procrastination is such a cool word! It makes me kinda sad that we don’t have an equivalent for it in spanish :p

  4. i love burlap!! & jute. & linen. & all things naturally fibery! & I also love pinterest. although my pinterest boards are embarrassingly unorganized.

    • imadeitso says:

      is yours more of a junk drawer full of ideas? don’t stress. the last thing we need to worry about is one more thing to keep organized. you’ll find it if you need it ;)

  5. alison says:

    Thanks (as usual) to helping fuel my need for creative new ideas! I’ve been wanting to try Pinterest but haven’t received an invitation as yet. If you’d be willing to send me one of yours I’d be EXTREMELY grateful!

    • imadeitso says:

      hi alison, just sent you an invitation!

      i think they’ve changed things on pinterest, it’s not limited to five anymore. if anyone else needs one, let me know.

  6. jennifer Urias says:

    Looking for an invitation to pinterest. If you have any invitations left and would be willing to share it would be appreciated!


  7. mrs_ kan says:

    gorgeousness gumboots on yr blog :)What is pintrest?

    • imadeitso says:

      thank you! pinterest is a way to collect, show and share interesting things you come across on the internet. check out my account here. if you want to try it out, let me know and i’ll send an invitation.

  8. Nicole says:

    Hello, I just found your blog looking for info on how long it takes to get an invite to pinterest, (I love your style by the way). Do you still have invites left?

    I’m looking forward to your burlap project!

  9. sandra terry says:

    i am looking for any craft 4 Vacation Bible School, I always get the crafts together, i have lots of help, ages from 18 months to 5th grade. but i am running out of new and simple things to do. any ideas using burlap or any thing. I try to recycle things.HELP

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