friday archive dive (and a featured artist!)

archive dive

i am so excited about this week’s dive topic. it was inspired by something i saw one of my twitter friends, suzy taylor (aka @FolkArtPapercut), mention the other day. the tweet was almost in passing, like “hey. that thing i was working on is done.” (i’m paraphrasing)… and then wham! she hit me with a link to the funkiest little papercutting i’ve seen in a long time. i’m thrilled to share it with you all, with her permission of course :-)

see for yourself…

paper cutting by artist suzy taylor

now take a moment with this one. it’s all cut from one piece of paper, by hand, using a craft knife… and if you stare at it for a little while (i did for a long while) these little characters and vignettes start telling a story. one of my favourite details is the cat sitting outside the wood pile. follow her gaze…you just know she’s hatching a scheme to find a way up there!

very clever, delicate (can you see the chandelier chain?), and painstaking i imagine. i wonder how long it took from start to finish. i’ll have to ask her. you can see some process photos and tips in this post. and i just love the folk art style that infuses suzy’s work.

you can learn more about the london-based artist, suzy taylor, on her blog, twitter and etsy.

and with that bit of inspiration, i am looking forward to this week’s collection of posts. dive in and see what you can find. help spread the word by sharing the friday archive dive button. it’s over there on the right.

have a good weekend everyone. and thank you suzy, for letting me share your creativity with everyone here!

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19 Responses to friday archive dive (and a featured artist!)

  1. caren says:

    Wow! I mean, all kinds of Wow! That papercut piece is insane. I am trying to imagine the patience, the precise work required, and the talent put into such a creation … my mind is going to explode.
    I love that your eye can travel up & down, side to side, round & round, and still find something new to ogle! I love seeing all the pots & pans & knickknacks on shelves.

  2. I stared at that papercutnfor a very long time when I saw it on Twitter (probably via you!) and I’m still so in awe of it (reminds me of the city street map ones I saw a while ago, too – so much detail!). I love the little kitty, too, and the guy in the kitchen taking a nice swig from the jug ;)

  3. Ann says:

    How wonderful! Suzy’s work really does tell a story.

  4. Cessie says:

    What amazing work!!! I love this detail, and how much fun the scene is to look at. Incredible!

  5. ~*~Patty says:

    ooo how I adore paper of all kinds
    I am awed that something so intricate and beautiful could be cut from one piece of paper…meine gutness!!! AMAZING!
    Not easy picking one post….thank you for another fun Friday Archive Dive dear Ana
    Happy April
    Happy Spring
    Happy Happy Everything!

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  8. Jess says:

    my mom would absolutely love that!

  9. Van says:

    Amazing! I appreciate you sharing this delicate and beautiful art. It really is perfectly executed and planned, I love how it’s about the fullness and busyness of life. So much to see in this…

  10. A beautiful, beautiful work of art. It reminds me of Mary Azarian’s woodcuts. I cannot imagine how she achieved this delicate intricacy with paper . . . thanks, as usual, ana!

  11. Suzy Taylor says:

    Thank you Ana for such a lovely blog post and all the lovely things you said about me! And thank you everyone else too for all wonderful comments. I’m really touched, honestly. Suzy x

  12. Corey says:

    That’s just amazing, Suzy Taylor! Thank you for sharing. I love detail work.

  13. Jane says:

    Amazing paper cutting! I can’t imagine working with such precision and creativity. I had lots of fun looking at all the details in it.

  14. All of you crafty women are so inspiring! I never do crafts, and I think, reading all your blogs, I should try them. Is it crafting that makes you all so kind and generous or is it the other way around?

  15. Estivalia says:

    WOW, papercutting! now that’s something I’ll never try for the sake of my wrists. Kudos to this brave woman!

    loving this week’s topic, only my selection will be much harder lol

  16. googiemomma says:

    LOVE it! that is such an awesome work of art. so intricate…

    well, i didn’t dive very deeply for this week…since it was yesterday’s post. but it fit so well i had to add it :o)

  17. imadeitso says:

    thank you all for your enthusiastic responses for suzy’s artwork! i’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as i did (i thought you might!).

    and jo (by little and by little) ~ what an amazing group here right? so kind and encouraging.

  18. Jodie says:

    What a fun paper cutting. I had a neighbor growing up that did traditional Polish paper cuts, but she also infused it with Southwest style. (we lived in NM) They always fascinated me with how detailed they were and all from one piece of paper. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Ana, I know this visit is long overdue but I wanted to say thank you for stopping by Sofia’s Ideas. I hope to see you back there soon! :)

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