making cards from printed photos

i’ve been making some cards recently using patterned and plain paper scraps and my brush pens. i had some of my photos developed to use as the image on the card, but i’m not entirely happy with the print quality. to be honest, i think my colour printer could have done just as good a job. it has been years since i’ve had photos developed and i’m a bit out of touch. do you have any tips or recommendations for printing or developing digital images?

daffodil card

i am, however, having a blast writing and drawing with my brush pens. they were a gift from mr.madeItSo. i used them to write the greetings for the front of the cards.

brush pens made in japan

the pens are very fluid and responsive to pressure, so i’m just getting used to working with them. it’s a lot of fun playing with new tools.

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3 Responses to making cards from printed photos

  1. Jess says:

    yes, go to an actual photo lab place, not just a grocery store or pharmacy to get prints made. There are many good online places you can check out, like MPix and WHCC.

    • imadeitso says:

      it has been ages since i’ve had photos developed and the quality of the place i used to order from (not naming names, but not a pharmacy or grocery store) has gone down. i will go into an actual lab next time, thanks jess.

  2. Lindsay Ann says:

    Calibrate your monitor! It will make a big difference for printing!

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