mother’s day weekend in a nutshell…

i got some lovely things, including a box full of love (not sure where you can buy one of those) and a book i’ve been wanting to read…

mother's day gifts

i’ve also been struggling a bit with that sweater (details later, i’m sure), but the weather is too nice to let it get me down so i’m trying to ignore it right now. i have a hard time doing that though, i’ve tried covering my ears and doing the “lalala” thing, but it’s still calling my name. i really don’t like leaving things unfinished. maybe i’ll tackle it again one evening this week when i can give it my full attention. what do you do when you hit a wall with a project?

in the meantime, the sun is shining and that recharges me, so i’ll be out in the yard digging and planting. see you in a few…

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11 Responses to mother’s day weekend in a nutshell…

  1. Corey says:

    :) Box full of love. Nice!

    Some of my unfinished projects go on a list. Some of my unfinished projects go in a box. Some of my unfinished projects get finished. Some of my unfinished projects get snubbed and donated for someone else to find and finish. Some of them never even get started. LOL

  2. Camille says:

    My sweet husband put Lady Gaga’s new song Judas on my ipod an let me listen to it about 10 times yesterday. I wish you could see my awesome moves I have to it!
    when I hit a wall on a project I also can’t get it out of my brain. Funny thing though, the solution usually comes while I sleep. My father is the same way. It’s an awesome thing.

    • imadeitso says:

      this comment is worthless without a link to a youtube video of you and your moves. just sayin.

      • Camille says:

        My boobs are so big I don’t want everyone to see them boucing. Also when I use them at the club I will be 65% drunk. Maybe if you dare me I’ll link it just to you.
        By the way, your honesty is astounding!

  3. Sheri says:

    More than one project has become buried in the bottom of a closet, only to be dispatched in a much later clean up, I’m sorry to say. Mostly I do get things done, but every now and then something defeats me and on the whole, I figure it’s better to move on than struggle with something you’re not enjoying.
    Good luck with your sweater!

    • imadeitso says:

      thanks sheri. i’m learning to let go of things sooner than later, i’ve been down that road you mentioned, where you hold onto something hoping one day you’ll get to it. then you end up dispatching it (i like that term!) anyways. this one is more of a case of a new technique i haven’t tried before. it’s more of a mental block than anything i think. i remember feeling this way before i sewed my first zipper. and after i got through it, i wondered “what was the big deal?!” i’m just not ready to tackle it, i think. i’ll come back to it when i can focus on it.

  4. Dvora says:

    I usually put it away for a bit while I work on something else. Then when it comes back out I often wonder why I was so stumped or stuck in the 1st place. Of course sometimes it never gets finished… ah those UFOs.

  5. 'joyce' says:

    ohhhh digging and planting, please share what you are growing? Would love to know. It’s cold and cold and a bit more cold where I am right now. Sitting in our caravan in Mt. Gambier in South Australia and it’s getting colder as you get warmer. lol. I so love to hear the change of season through everyones blogs. Enjoy the rest of the week at your place.

    • imadeitso says:

      i’ll share what i’m planting soon! thanks for asking.

      i remember when autumn came, and thinking how it was spring where you are. and by mid-winter, i was taking photos of icicles and sketching skaters while you were enjoying the sand and sun. it’s a funny thing, this earth :) enjoy hunkering down for your winter ahead.

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