friday archive dive ~ anything goes

archive dive

for this week’s archive dive, i want to ask for a new round of suggestions for upcoming dive topics. please share your ideas in the comments below. and as for this week’s topic, let’s have a free-for-all, i hope you’ll join in!

if you’re new here, the archive dive is a weekly thing where we dive into our blog archives and share a post from the past. just a relaxed way to meet other bloggers and read different takes on a given topic. you can add your links using the tool below until monday night.

if you want to help spread the word, here’s the button…

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have a great weekend all!

~ ana ~


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5 Responses to friday archive dive ~ anything goes

  1. 'joyce' says:

    can I be dull and just lurk the next few weeks? lol. . . . please? Have a wonderful weekend at your place.

  2. 'joyce' says:

    oh and p.s. I thought of you the other day, while driving through some very pretty and breathtaking countryside. Thinking of your wonderful talent of pencil to paper and how you are able to recreate what you see before you.

  3. Estivalia says:

    Ok, I haven’t been around much over here, so, sorry if any of these were already featured :p

    – ink
    – spring colors
    – inspired by music
    – guilty pleasures *wink*
    – pets
    – when i’m not crafting…
    – break
    – flowers
    – DIY fail
    – your craft space. The *real* one (cleaning up is cheating ;)
    – AFK (away from keyboard, stuff from real life).

  4. imadeitso says:

    thanks estivalia! those are great, i’m sure you’ll see some of them soon.

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