thank you: common sense

…and people, like this doctor, who share theirs.

this weekend, i read an article about doctors who help their patients deal with stress and depression by prescribing a good dose of nature. literally. they write on their little note pad (presumably in that illegible scribble they perfect through med school)… “go to the park. repeat as often as you can.”

The outdoors “can give people a space to simply be apart from the hectic demands of their daily lives,” he says. “It can also put people in touch with a sense of beauty and reverence that can enhance their mental and emotional health.”

~ read the whole article here.

sunset in the trees

i know it always makes me feel better. a walk through a trail or by a lake clears my head and clarifies my priorities. but life gets busy and in the thick of it, i sometimes ignore what i know is best. common sense gets muffled by all the other noise clattering and clamouring for my attention.

though i always seem to come back to it. or it finds me. either way, it is always there and it hasn’t let me down yet.

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3 Responses to thank you: common sense

  1. Sheri says:

    Cost effective, too.

  2. e l l a says:

    Just what I need ;)
    I will check out that article.
    And Yes I couldn’t agree more – a little fresh air is true medicine ;)

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