weekend in a nutshell

i went to a shoe museum…

bata shoe museum toronto

which was as fabulous as it sounds. that is, if you like shoes. and museums. (one big checkmark next to each of those for me, please.)

and i popped into a bright little yarn store which i’ve heard a lot about over the past few years…

yarn store

i hope to write more about both of those things. but first, i need to go through about 200 photos of shoes taken in strange lighting through glass boxes. museums are nightmarish places for photography…

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14 Responses to weekend in a nutshell

  1. 'Joyce' says:

    ohhhhh shoes. . . . so want to see your post on shoes with photos taken through glass boxes in strange lighting. *giggle* hmmmmmm shoessss……..
    As for your little yarn store visit, oh I reckon I could cosy myself down in that chair for the day *sigh* what a lovely shop and just how crazy did you go??

  2. Marti says:

    Ooooo, is that Lettuce Knit? It looks like it’s in a newer/different location that when I was there many years ago now. Delightful. I lived in TO for a couple of years and never made it to the shoe museum. Regretfully. Looking forward to the photos.

  3. heather says:

    that sounds like a great weekend to me! :) can’t wait to see pics of the shoes:) now i have another reason to visit canada someday :) a whole museum dedicated to shoes! and i’m slightly jealous that you got to go to lettuce knit! :)

  4. Dvora says:

    I LOVED the Bata!!! Was there last summer and really enjoyed looking at shoes throughout history and of all the different cultures. Was so much fun. Glad to know someone else enjoyed it too. :)

    Happy Monday.

    • imadeitso says:

      i really enjoyed it dvora. i’ve been trying to drag one or another person with me over the years since it opened. finally headed down on my own, spent hours there, and loved it!

  5. Jess says:

    wow, they have a museum for everything!

  6. e l l a says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend.
    Never been to the Bata though. my bad.
    I don’t think there’s anything better than strolling around and checking out your favourite places in TO. Awesome stuff ;)

  7. Van says:

    Beautiful photos already! Good luck sorting through the chaos of photos. It can be the longest part of writing a review sometimes, picking the perfect photos!

  8. i think i would enjoy a shoe museum very much.

  9. ~*~Patty says:

    ooo a shoe museum sounds super AND the yarn shop too…I know your further posts are worth waiting for dear Ana

    SO true about photographing in cases and such

  10. Sarah says:

    I have always been intrigued by the Bata Shoe Museum – will definitely have to check it out soon! I think that would be a pretty fab “girls day out” :)

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