friday already? archive dive!

archive dive

seriously? i don’t know where this week went.

i want to try a different sort of prompt this week. instead of a word cue for the dive topic, let’s take a photo for our starting point. i’m looking forward to this one. feel free to explain your choice in the comments below.

this week’s topic:


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10 Responses to friday already? archive dive!

  1. 'Joyce' says:

    Hullo Ana, ooohhhhhh my head feels a little squashed tonight. lol. I might have to come back to this one over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing what others find in their archives. My actual first thought was to search for a post that contained spiraled yarn, but I know I don’t have one. Have a wonderful weekend at your place.

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  3. ~*~Patty says:

    shadows have been on my mind…always enjoy a good shadow pic…so that’s where I went with my pic this archive dive

    thanks for continued fun…you know how to keep it fresh (no pressure ;))

  4. Van says:

    In this photo I think…shapes, fun, creativity. I’m sharing an interview with a creative and fellow thrifter today to go with the fun photo!

  5. Corey says:

    Hey, Ana. :) Brick red, frozen motion, shadows. :)

  6. ~*~Patty says:

    I failed to say how much I enjoyed your photo prompt…it is so colorful and full of action and interest Ana!

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