here’s that green sweater, knit in the round

finished. a sweater for the littlest munchkin, made 2 sizes bigger because, well, i’m a slow knitter, he’s a fast grower and because i knew it would be at least a couple of seasons before he wore it. (also, made 2 sizes bigger intentionally this time, as opposed to the usual gauge issues. little victories.)

green sweater knit in the round

it was one of those should’ve-been-straightforward projects that seemed to drag. but it is finished, at last. i like the way the neck curls over…

neck of sweater purl curl

and in the interest of full disclosure…

under arm stitching of sweater

i messed up a few stitches of the kitchener stitch when i was weaving together the small gap created where the sleeves meet the body. i tried to undo it, but the yarn snagged, and tangled and … so it stays. something to improve upon next time. you know. in the fall, when i next pull out the needles and yarn. i’m a seasonal knitter.

and maybe a seasonal blogger too. for all my whining about winter, i can’t justify being indoors when the weather is so beautiful. i’ll share when the mood hits, as usual. but the friday archive dives will be on hold for the next couple of months. the last one will be this friday. i may start them up again in the fall :-)

so i’m folding up that sweater ’til i see it next in the fall.

for now, it’s summer skirts…

summer skirts

…summer outings, summer reading, slowing down, and just taking it all in.

slowing down, enjoying things

{click the photo above to enlarge}

p.s. today is the last day to enter the draw for melissa morgan-oake’s book. details here. i’ll announce the randomly chosen recipient tomorrow.


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24 Responses to here’s that green sweater, knit in the round

  1. heather says:

    that is adorable!! what yarn did you use? absolutely cute!!!

    • imadeitso says:

      hi heather, it’s a cotton blend i got that was a mill end so no label. not sure. i love the blend of green colours but the plies do untwist somewhat easily (making unraveling mistakes a bit tricky).

  2. Cessie says:

    Hear Hear for living seasonally! Enjoy your summer and lazy days while they are here. I love the sweater- so cute! My little bundle of babiness is due on Christmas, so I may not have time to knit seasonally…well- LEARN to knit seasonally! I may just have to jump in and try a pattern and see what happens :) What would you suggest would be a good first baby pattern to knit?
    PS The skirt and shoes shot is adorable!

    • imadeitso says:

      oh congrats! i’d say jump in with a zimmermann sweater like this one. or if you want a more traditional one (knit on straight needles and pieced together later) i found the debbie bliss boat sweater a breeze. good practice just knitting 3 rows, purling 3 rows, repeating… leave out the boat motif if that scares you. i think that’s a good basic pattern that i’ve made before. anyone else have suggestions?

      here is the link to the boat sweater post i did, and within it is a link to the free pattern by debbie bliss.

  3. love that green!! what an adorable little sweater. is it a ‘knitting pure & simple’ pattern? it looks very similar to one of theirs. kitchener stitch can be tricky indeed… but in my school of knitting if it looks okay to you… you did it right. haha

  4. Tara Benwell says:

    Beautiful. This post made me a bit teary eyed. :( My bro is expecting a baby any day now and if my mom were around she’d be busy knitting knitting knitting. I only wish I could have the talent and time to make baby-to-be a sweater so sweet! I’m glad I held onto a few to pass on.

    On a happier note, I love that phrase “living seasonably”. It’s a goal now. Thank you!

    I’ll miss your archive dive, but promise to join in again when you start it up again. Thanks for keeping us all together in creativity, Ana.

    • imadeitso says:

      congrats to your brother, and that’s a sweet memory about your mom. as for the archive dive, i’m sure it will be back. thanks for your enthusiasm for it always!

      happy summer!

  5. 'joyce' says:

    Hullo Summery Ana, ohhhhh you are the second summery skirt, bare legged post I have seen today. I too am wearing my summer skirt, but leggings and boots, scarf and layers to go with it all. Brrrrrrrr, it’s snuggly and cosy and rainy here today at my place and I am on a study break for lunch. I so love the roll necked knitting you have finished, that colour is beautiful. Enjoy the warmth at your place and looking forward to when you can post. I don’t blame you for enjoying the outdoors. Have a wonderful day at your place.

  6. e l l a says:

    the sweater’s looking good Ana
    what boo boo? looks good to me

    the shop you asked about is home sense ;) LOL

    Happy Canada Day!!!!

  7. Kitten With A Whiplash says:

    Even the tiniest flaw will prevent the jealousy of the gods, or evil spirits, or whatever attacks handknit gifts and thosw who wear them. At least that’s the legend. Your sweater looks beautiful, and I think rolled necklines are great accents too.

  8. SixBalloons says:

    I love the yarn selection, it has so many different beautiful green hues! By the way I didn’t notice the “boo boo” at all. It looks perfect! =)

    • imadeitso says:

      that’s what drew me to it too, all the greens. i think it actually helps hide the “boo boo” (honest, i don’t spend 99% of my day with children ;))

  9. ~*~Patty says:

    Goodness I got behind here…lots of fun catching up to do.
    The sweater you knitted is wonderful and I would have never noticed the boo boo ;)
    Sweet feet and your summer skirt and that Chicory blossom is magnificent in the closeup with the pollen and shadows and curly ques…Wunderbar!

    Funny how those do not like being in a vase for long at all…I Love how the Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory make beautiful blue and white on the roadsides this time of year!

  10. Louise says:

    Very cute sweater. Let’s hope we don’t need them for a while!!

  11. Sarah says:

    Catching up on i made it so tonight, and I love this sweater, Anna! Someday maybe I’ll try knitting again – previous attempts have crashed and burned ;)

    Glad you’re taking some time off this summer – we are, too!!

  12. Lindsay Ann says:

    That sweater is SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO cute!!

    I’m green with envy.


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