marimekko week on i made it so

remember this fabric? it’s marimekko oilcloth…

my husband bought it for me a while ago on a trip to sweden. when i first shared it, many of you came up with ideas for using this fabric, but to be honest, i was scared to cut into it. it’s just perfect as it is, to look at, touch, fold and put away on the top shelf, reopen and daydream about what to make with it. cutting it would put an end to all the possibilities. could i find a project to do the fabric justice? a bag? pillows? frame it and hang it up as is?

but i did finally make something with it, and i’m so excited to share the project.

if you don’t know much about marimekko, you will by the end of this week. but you don’t have to take my word for it (or levar burton’s, since i just stole his words). i am looking forward to hosting two guest bloggers here, each who will be sharing their thoughts on everything marimekko. these two posts came to me in different ways, one invited, the other out of the blue. both a welcome treat. i hope you’ll enjoy, and stay tuned when i reveal my project at the end of it all.

marimekko fabric, drool worthy oilcloth

and now that i’ve built it all up so much, i’m nervous that your expectations are set so high, you’ll be let down by my creation. really, it’s nothing — not much to look at really. don’t waste your time (please do…it’ll be up at the end of this week. it kind of rocks.). oh the insecurities of putting yourself out there ;-)

in the meantime, enjoy the guest posts over the next few days, and feel free to comment and ask questions on their posts as you do on mine. it’s so nice when we all share ideas. really.

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14 Responses to marimekko week on i made it so

  1. Beth says:

    This is lovely fabric. It will be interesting to read the guest blogs and to see what you create out of the material. I can see why you would want to just frame it and look at it.

  2. Ana, you made me laugh this morning with the “… don’t waste your time (please do…it’ll be up at the end of this week. it kind of rocks.). oh the insecurities of putting yourself out there ;-)…”

    But you are so right – the insecurities of putting yourself out there… AND that whole idea of ending the possibilities when you finally cut into the fabric? perfectly describes why I have an entire bin full of fabric I have collected from my childhood, my husband’s childhood, our children’s, not to mention the thrift store finds that I just can’t bring myself to destroy quite yet! ;0

    Can’t wait to see what you made!

  3. Abby says:

    beautiful fabric! I haven’t heard of marimekko before, so I’m interested to see what the rest of the week brings :) and of course, the big debut!

  4. Dvora G says:

    So excited to see what you finally decided to make!!

  5. AlwaysMod says:

    Can’t wait to see what your guests post!

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  7. i know very well how hard cutting into fabric can be! can’t wait to see what you made. talk about building anticipation :).

  8. ~*~Patty says:

    I DO remember that fabric
    you sure know how to wind us up missy! :)
    looking forward to the big reveal!

    lots of catch up on here…where have I been!

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