an introduction to marimekko: guest post by aron solomon

as i mentioned, it’s marimekko week here! i have a couple of guest posts lined up, all about marimekko written by those who share my love of the designs, and who probably know more about marimekko than i do. first up, please welcome aron (he has been here before) as he shares his thoughts on marimekko…with proper capitalization and punctuation. a rare thing in these parts, i know. enjoy!   

~ ana

I’m kind of obsessed with things Marimekko. For you readers who aren’t in the Marimekko loop, it’s a 60 year-old Finnish textile and design company.

As someone who has spent a lot of time in Scandinavia and considers it to be one of my homes, Marimekko and other design houses that have used them as a Muse exemplify the Northern European sensibility to me.

One reason I love Marimekko is because they’ve been able to make their colors and designs easily recognizable. Perhaps as a response to Scandinavian winters that keep the sun hidden for upwards of 20 hours a day, Marimekko employ very bright greens, oranges, reds, each with a tone that it uniquely theirs.

This brand has spread all over the world, exporting a part of Finland with every piece of fabric sold. I’ve always loved designs and fabrics that are unmistakably something. From my first visit to artisan clothing markets in Mexico City to seeing dolls made my hand in Peru to the scent of fresh leather shops in Mumbai, the idea of something local and genuine has always meant a lot to me. That’s why I like Marimekko so much and encourage you to find somewhere close to you to see what they have.


marimekko converse shoes

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6 Responses to an introduction to marimekko: guest post by aron solomon

  1. imadeitso says:

    i have to ask… what’s the story behind those shoes? and do you need earplugs when you wear them? ;)

  2. Val says:

    So they make clothing or just the fabric? I haven’t heard of them. Off to Google!

  3. Abby says:

    what a creative fabric, and so different from the softer one ana used. I’d be interested to see more!

  4. oh, i have to know, why have you spent so much time in scandinavia??

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